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Mystery Behavior: Broken Crafting and Auto-Godmode

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I started up a vanilla-esque modded server with a friend. Nothing too crazy, just a few mods here and there for a vanilla-ish experience with just a few tweaks for quality of life purposes. Automatic Health Adjust, Epic Healthbar, Simple Healthbar DST, Global Positions, Trinket Variety, PartyHUD and AFK Detection.

And yet when I go into the game, I automatically have god mode on, and have creative mode enabled. Additionally, when I was able to try and get it to turn off, I found myself unable to build structures such as the Science Machine, and god mode kept forcing itself on, on me.

I really have no idea why this would be the case. Any ideas?

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Update: It's not actually giving me free crafting, as I can't build anything once this happens. But it shows all recipes and gives the illusion that I can craft anything. Additionally this seems to occur once I make the Science Machine.

I found the problem. It was a client mod I had installed.

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