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Hey everyone,

first of all, thank you for taking time to look at this page, I am not really 100% sure if this is where I should be doing this... but I didn't find anything else, so here it goes...

I've been working on a custom character mod for a little while now, and I ran into a bit of a block. Turns out that I have a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to code for this game. (I'm not exactly experienced with coding and scripting)

I managed to make the base of the character thanks to the Extended Sample Character made by DragonWolfLeo (I think) and I still have some goals I'd like to accomplish.

The goals I aimed for while making the plans for this mod were this:

-Make a working character.
-Add a full custom speech file.
-Make the character know tier 1 magic by default.
-Make the character capable of reading books though, not making them.
-Add head-slot magic items (sort of like an amulet for the head slot.)
-Add a new staff with a healing effect (for other players only, preferrably)
-Make a clothing item that has an inventory, like the backpacks but much smaller.

I'm currently trying to work on the reading properties. But I seem to run into some issues.
I added the "reader" tag in the common postinit and in the master postinit (like in Wickerbottom and Waxwell's files) but the character performs the reading animation and then simply says "I can't do that" without the book's effect taking place.

I would currently like to know how to fix this issue, but I know that all the other "to-do" items will require help too.
I thought I could just copy the "amulet.lua" file's code for most of it, but it turns out ALL the amulets are stored in that one file and I don't really know what to do with this information, same goes for the staves.

I know I sound like some sort of idiot who wants other people to do the work for him, but I honestly want to get into making mods for this game. I just don't know how to get there on my own.

Thank you for reading this and extra thanks to anyone who can provide any sorts of help.

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I myself am using the same template that you are, and know how to make the characters literate (although, I'm currently stuck on working on the "make an item come into existence bit".



anyway, the easiest way to make a character literate it:


local common_postinit = function(inst) --side note, that should already be there on the template


--and in 

local master_postinit = function(inst)



--I hope this helps you make your character literate.


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