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I don't really know where to put this, so here it is

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I'm going to send you my output txt because it has the crash on it.  I have a realitively new GTX 1070 by ASUS it come OC'd out of the box.

but the game suddenly had issues creating and rendering files.. I've never seen this happen before.  I was able to go to task manager and shut the game down everything else was still running.  steam and such were fine. I don't understand many of the things in the output text but I did notice some things that seem off to me like everytime it cut out unused items to save memory it resulted in a memory usage increase? that seems wrong to me.

is this at all do to steam running a bunch of 32 bit overlays on a 64 bit game and system?> and google running to 32bit overlays and crash preventers.


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