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  1. I can not click on a thing rt or lft or middle does nothing, accept I can use it to move but I have to guess where to place it because it is 4 or 5 inches off of anywhere I wish to move and my keyboard moves my character but that is it I can't use the keys to get a thing so much for my frightful adventure..
  2. yes Mr Peeps I think it was..  everyone is ignoring this issue..  but it has gotten worse and worse  6 or 7 dups are basically helpless in the system they've created for today  it takes them literally for ever  just to get it to the point you can bring more in..  and using more is very sad..  I can't believe what I'm seeing placated gamers playing a game that wastes there time.. to an amount hmm they should start timing it each of them  all there peeps are wasting time thru the whole work day  and then they insult the player by giving them a break period..

  3. I've posted this issue repeatedly and I'm going into more detail about said issue.. I believe during this event the advanced users was turned off.. I will check This will cover several events and all involve Noodles. as he choose to urinate 3 times in one day. Why it concerns priority.. the first time he was trapped but he had all he needed to get out of it, yet he never used them for the escape until after THE ACCIDENT.. play drums.. in which he took place over a resivor sorry spelling is poor. but it was the dirty water one no biggie accept that it should of never happened.. he could of placed 1 block in 2 places and gotten out either way, of his supposed trap, Then that Evening, he urinated not once but twice in the sleeping area.. which is over the Water Res.. but it failed but in did get all the dup's totally covered in it since they were coming in or sleeping already twice in the same night he doesn't have a bladder issue nor is he sick, this will lead to a lot of maintenance work for me which I hate to do especially in games.. now he kinda had no he had no excuse there was a auto toilet and an out house both working. but one sink didn't work do to have priority of not fixing, that which needs fixing, and leaving one or 2 blocks undone, for several days.. they had the mats they just choose to run off the to other side where everything was one lower then the pipes and stay there.. every dup is capable of tidy either neutral or pumped up 1 or 2 spots so there is a variety of them. But they left them not to eat not to sleep just to go work someplace where they weren't.... people can claim they work but they don't either way with advanced checked or unchecked they always fail to compete the work in every area until the can't not do it.. this makes you mostly choose to only do one thing at a time but that is certainly not very fun to play... I'd fall asleep in fact I've started falling asleep playing this game.. must be really exciting huh it used to be.. The area of 7 has been there for quite a while along with the two pipes that were left I am missing a couple of pic's sorry but these cover the events and problems of priority.. The Super Duper Spacerock.sav
  4. Yes I figured that out after a bit more play, but thanks for the post.. they seem to output fertilizer to boot... I missed it in the notes sorry..
  5. Well they have changed a bunch since I posted, my failure.. I succeeded in this in 19 day with 8 colonists, most were upgraded in class at least once. they all had the food they needed and enough art work to keep them happy my 2 tables went unused, this time. I am not capable of posting the challenge in a correct fashion, I asked some one else to correct it but no one has.. at 38 days I'm behind on food but soon that will be ok too. still at 8 colonists. sorry I will check back.
  6. the Dups are stacking at least 2 bottles of Dirty Water in front of the terrarumums.. sp.. at first I thought this just happened but in my current game I have two of them and both have dirty water stacked in front of them and they didn't happen from an accicent.. they were moved there! there are no other bottles around them to indicate an accident happened there or in the area It gets worse, I moved the terriaimums and now the bottles are in front of them again? what gives they are dumping huges amounts of polluted 02 into the game>? it turned out I had a bunch stacked in front of one them them and a few in front of the other
  7. oh no one reposted it oh well.. it must be understandable before they can do it! And Watermelen took it apart so I was in hopes they would make it make sense
  8. the the Algae Oxidisier is still at Max gas pressure? Makes no sense whatever. I dumped a large body of water into a vacuum on the lower floor and the upper tier is still at Max Pressure? The Phlegm-Coated Antfarm.sav
  9. The whole systems is messed up, You have several jobs that have the same listings in them.. Some one needs to read the defineision of priorities.. Secondly they need to understand that repair belongs in Building! not Tidy. or is it in supply gah..the builders should handle all repairs they are already selected for construction of objects.. The Dups need to understand that they go to the closest Toilet to pee not clear across the base.. My picture is of a dup peeing on the floor in a restroom. I moved him up there twice and he still insisted he was going to dig. I started moving him at 100% Bladder, I've had repeated offenses of peeing in their rooms at night, with toilets open.. Please Fix it! I am tired of them peeing in there drinking water because they were going to get one more item, then, and not going to use the head!~ priorities.sav
  10. Developement Build R2-266094 I have a dup stuck in the open door going through repeated falling animation. First door type offered.. the same one hatches are always stuck in... gee I just realized my crash I have been submitting old data, corrected in this post
  11. Developement Build R2-266094 I have a dup stuck in the open door going through repeated falling animation. First door type offered.. the same one hatches are always stuck in... gee I just realized my crash I have been submitting old data, corrected in this post output_log.txt STUCK DUP.sav
  12. I'm sorry it is poorly posted, I don't happen to be very good in English, let alone any other lanuage.. poor grade school, I had the luckiness to be in one of 6 classes that were all educated in a new manner at the time.. think 1950.. We all went thur 6 classes of edutcation, I think the attempt was canceled after 6th grade. I spent 5 and 6th grade at a 7th and 8th grader school, that right a jr high school.. it was there attempt to keep us isolated so to speak.. I happen to excel in science and music but english and math are in the toilet, so that killed science and my parents killed my music chance. things were different back then.. Yes I know it is kinda of impossilbe to meet the demands, If someone wishes to straighten out my post I will check it and approve.. I know a lot about the game, and they are possible to meet.. You can fake anything on a computer to think that just because your seeing it live it happened that way.. when you take time of from the show unless you have zero access to the game you can do all kinds of things if you wish. most people skip the boring parts all kinds of things can happen at that time too.. NotenKi wow there is interest, thats good..
  13. You need a file in there that saves everything they do from the time they turn on the computer until they turn it off, that needs to be tamper proof. I know that is hard to do, these guys are all something else when it comes to computers. I'm an average player, at best, I have terrbile luck to boot.. You have to not just do the You Tube things because you can fake those while your off camera! They are telling me Klei;s priority is not borked, that they get every thing done before I could even dream of researching the Jobs Counter, well that is a bit much, but nearly as soon. They also harp on me about needing CO2 scrubber, how do you reascearch that when you need so many other things? And Your all buying it at Klei, or certainly acting like it.. I want them to play a normal game, they can't reveal the map at any time accept by exploring. I'm going to offer a cash incentive to, of 500 dollars american to whoever wins this challenge.. you have to prove its not borked. I spent a hour and a half today finding the issue with the toilets, after I thought I had it all figured out... it turned out to be I'm as dum as you say.. the only thing I could figure was I accidentially set a sweep command at the same rate as the toilet cleaning, but you can't see that most of the time. at the end of 30 days you must have a stable colony with food and good food not just food, good food is what every each colonist needs to eat to do there job properly. Second you must have all the people in place you need to do each job. I normally get ranchers that have no like of farming and I have to push them thru just to get to ranching.. So Klei must make sure your games have the not edge given, them to get the people with the perfect job order. I understand you must all have luck out the wazoo.. but I don't I constantly get no one I need ... It is very seldom I get a game that has 1 or 2 colonist that can handle there tasks. What is spuring this on is all the eggs that Klei are placing at a time when I can't even dream of getting a rancher, I do have a colonist in farming but it wll be ages before the rancher that is also a farmer gets to the other side of Apprentice Farming.. I will make arrangements with Klei to give You the money. I will give you your seed, if any one asks for it.. Klei choice is final and they will award the money, but I don't think there will be very many takers Don;t go saying this is easy I just have to prove the priority is not borken read the rest the total post is included in this challenge. Why 30 days becuase you all act like you have it in the bag from the start of the game. Your repling to my posts telling me I'm snot because I use terrarumum or however you spell it so you have to go with out those.. and you must have it all done in 30 days to boot because everyone of you act like is nothing to do.. I do know I can't see what you all do, you could easily place your game on another computer and open the map but I hope you don't do anything that compomises yourself over this.. Klei can delete this, if they don't want to do this.
  14. Please bare with me what patch is this yes I see the number, but is it avialable on steam.. or is the pre to the pre you do on steam.
  15. Now I'm not certain any longer about rather it is or isn't only that it seems to not be working correctly, to how the game worked in the past prior to Jobs Today I had a dup make a mess, everyone in the colony currently has a Job, when mopping is set to 5 every one ignored it.. 6 the same 7 still ignored it 8 they finally stopped what they were doing and cleaned it up I Set a building Job that requires miners builder and helpers I only have a miner and a builder at the moment. I set it to 7 everyone started working on it but, I also have a job for the same thing set to 6, because I wanted them done in order my builder and Miner are both busy wasting time running back and forth to do both at the same time, broken right it sure seems broken to me BTW your new search to add stuff is borked as all get out how do I pick from 15 output files the correct one when I CAN"T see the date or time??? in the first media attahments I normally add both at the same time or game it was created in. I can get around on my own TY Temporal Galaxy.sav