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  1. by the way I am running the version of Manjaro that uses Kate will go try do I need the "? okay the first cd took me to Oxygen \ Not \ Included ok I need to have my hand held I'm sorry I've forgotten how to use the commands in the terminal that get you around when using lst -a to get the files to show up. okay I also tried using teh ctrl-h that worked in dolphin and i got to Klei /Oxygen\ Not \ Included but all that is there is a mods folder and a save/files direct Woot I am in and i can see again I tried using slowmaybe line of changing the 0 in that line to 1 and it works/ss Sorry You did so much work your really amazing that you took the time to do this for someone you could hardly understand.. I wish i could give you something for all your work but all I can do is Thank You for your effort I'm sure your statement works you found that problem miswrote the unity engine.. Thank You So much I have one of my favorite games back ! And thanks to all of you the game input or just looked at the thread.. I appreciate all of you~!
  2. Thank You KittenisGeek.. I will try this soon.. since the thread was not resulting in any work I was off atempting wasted time I started playing don't starves Hamlet.. ouch i'm so rusty at that game Okay I have a new problem I can not get to the directory you are stating not using the Terminal or just clicking it is neither in my home directory or the Roots home directory.. when I use terminal and attempt to cd to home it tells me no such file or directory exists when I can plainly see them and use point and click to get to either of them but I do have a second root file that is locked in the Root directory. and I am not allowed in there no matter what I try.. I think that one holds the . files I am the installing person and administrator of this computer.. but my password does not work to get into that file.. I can find steam but i can't find the games as to punc and grammar and spelling issues i'm doing the best I can do atm.. I can't see them so I can't use them properly.. I seem to write like i am a native Japanese speaker they do not have to list the subject accept at the start of the conversation in most cases.. because I pretty much use english like that.. I am not a native Japanese speaker..
  3. I can not click on a thing rt or lft or middle does nothing, accept I can use it to move but I have to guess where to place it because it is 4 or 5 inches off of anywhere I wish to move and my keyboard moves my character but that is it I can't use the keys to get a thing so much for my frightful adventure..
  4. I just think they are really busy with ONI atm..
  5. I'm only new to linux I'm reading your post so this will be a comment by comment post I'd give you my background but I don't want to bore you with years of dos followed by several decades of windows. in those I know what I'm doing. I won't disagree wi th your opening statement about not running on linux, however there are several post out there that say it does run with the win system and better then on then on the linux system where they didn't run at all remember you are using Wine rather you loaded it or not Steam put it on and Manjaro puts in on every system that downloads Manjaro that fact makes linux work fine on win games. the new version of wine is almost flawless but it still does not run them all but it is tons better then the old version Manjaro used to load.. so don't forget what is on your computer... ok as to the 410 drivers they are the new version put out by Nviidia for linux that are designed for stupid X org.. I checked my system files and found out that the other program is wrong my system is both installing and using 410.. ubuntu Linux and steam got Nvidia to play ball with them so we are getting a less then the windows people are getting.. driver.. but it at least see and uses dx 12 it does not use dx11 very well I read up on that too..would be that i remember where I read. some one explained on a steam forum how to get open gl to work with the dx 11.. that is what I need to go find or remember.. I used to be terriffic on Dos I really was pissed at them for killiing it, when they are in fact still using it.. it still the basis of every windows system. I did not bother with uefi i've read enough to know linux and that don't play ball so I am on ms dos fat partitions..using ext 4. ok have a good day just don't forget your using Wine like you forgot up there! I may have to install ubuntu again just for those games but I do like Manjaro much better.. when I get better at it the first thing I will do is do a minimal install of Manjaro but until then I'm at the mercy of what they put on my system . As to the bios yes it does you need to learn to use those programs that help you fix your computer linux is installing a new bios in software and has my bios on hold because it says it can't use it.... If I could remember the command I will go get it.. you will be surprised by what it shows you.. I will edit this post later to add that info for you.. The issue with dx 11 is probably my issue. now that you made me think about it.. but I believe that ONI runs on 12 too.. but maybe not.. or I'm sorry I did n't get the screenshot you asked for my bad.. or something is wrong with the oni program and I believe you mistaken about gparted because it wasn't loaded on my machine either when I used ubuntu.... I really wish this was a simple programming mistake by ONI.. So many have it over a board spectrum of OS" even in Window.. Thank Noten Ki
  6. First of all when I did the original install it was Win10 only. When I first installed ubuntu I miss read the install and thought it would delete my system, which I wanted done, I was affected by the win patch 1809 bug and ended up with a lot of damage as it struck while I was deleting a file and I lost my nearly all of my 64 bit drivers not to mention since in deleted the 64 bit program files completely most of my games were deleted or lost on all the other hard drives in an instant. I found them in place that was unbelievable to me, they are all moved in a blink of the eye but none were useful but they still had there size and wasted space. becuase ubuntu did not delete my drives, as it said it would what ever bug windows installed came with my system.. to linux.. I finally got it off 1 drive but the other is proving to be impossible to delete.. so it is now unplugged.. sehn I installed my games and steam on ubuntu, I began having issues that ended up with my loosing my ability to install anything.. so I tried Xubuntu that got to the no install in a hurry and deb flat never even installed correctly at all.. At Manjaro, I got some help and got that 1 hard drive deleted. everyone kept saying I had gparted that manjaro came with it but my system never let it be installed if it in fact was part of the install. so far that is the one issue I have I cant install gparted it either adds a bunch of files I don't want or refuses to install. anyway I installed Manjaro and have it working , that is how much of a user I am at the moment.. i'm a super new bee hehe. but I do still have issues. one of them is it seems my mother board has been damaged. the bios on it is not being used by linux it says I need a new chip, which isn't going to happen, since Asus discontinued this board some time ago.. for the first gen I7's which is what i have my board turned into a real stinkers.. because of that linux uses the 410 just to id my card but installs and older safe run the card I've not been able to change that even with a manual install of 410 driver. when i had ubuntu I could play ONI,, after the delete and upplug and install of Manjaro it was intalled only to linux and doesn't work! I have issues with several games now that were added to linux and installed in windows during the still had win install period that all worked that no longer work in Manjaro.. which is the only install now.. and I read a comment about steam of a complaint that the parties games were using the nfts of windows in linux but that when it was removed the games stopped working.. when installed into the Linux system. and I think that is part of my problem.. don't ask me I don't remember where I read that comment and the steam forums have been revamped and a lot of post deleted.. when they did there new update.. which I missed as I was down do to install and uses issues. so it was a shock to me to see the changes. I'm still catching up to all of them.. sorry my english stinks but it is my only language.. please try to bare thru it..
  7. but I changed to Linux recently and it insists I don't have an account.. I have a verified account thru Klei.. I don't wish to use steam and make a new one.. because it just makes one more place my steam account password is at risk.. after you loose an account to that you'll know why, I don't wish to do that.. but I do have an account but I can't put it in!!
  8. Manjaro. Its recent a few weeks old. My kernel build is new enough to support a GTX 1070 Nvidia Styrix card.. driver 410. however even though it is loaded it is not installed I have an issue in Manjaro with a few errors and Manjaro is reloading older drivers, but part of the problem is the Window 10 official version of ONI is no longer loaded so it is just loading the Linux version, I had a hard drive error that resulted in Win 10 poofing.. to xubuntu... hehe well I think that it is windows is deleted, even though ONI supports linux, it leans on win 10, if you have it installed.. two of the 3 files in linux are grayed out.. for ONI. even after a few re installs they still stay gray.. my window goes black even the cursor disappears.. but the music still plays and can hear the dups walking around on the title screen. um yes I know they can but I was wondering how to find them in linux.
  9. Since I'm mostly a thorn in people sides, gettting help may be hard.. it seems I can't play ONI any longer. not because I'm mad and want to quite. But because it flat will not even start on my computer. I am running Linux now, but since the title shows up a a supported title, I came here hoping to find some help.. I hit the start button the screen goes white the music starts playing and the screen goes black. Since I am using linux I am unsure of where drivers are running. most of my games are working that are supported like this title.. I changed Distro's from Ubuntu to Manjaro because it seems to be better for the advanced computer player. So I got it all up, accept for a few titles that are unsupported but worked, until I changed. I also had issues that were unusual for installing a new version of Linux. but now I'm here looking for help. first I need to find the games files for this game, they aren't the same as win10.. Then I can really ask for help.. But I do believe very strongly that adding frustration to a game that is fun to play, kills the game.. Just once I'd like to see a dev, not add anymore that what can't be helped.. but wasted time is wasted time.. for the sake of nothing..
  10. yes Mr Peeps I think it was..  everyone is ignoring this issue..  but it has gotten worse and worse  6 or 7 dups are basically helpless in the system they've created for today  it takes them literally for ever  just to get it to the point you can bring more in..  and using more is very sad..  I can't believe what I'm seeing placated gamers playing a game that wastes there time.. to an amount hmm they should start timing it each of them  all there peeps are wasting time thru the whole work day  and then they insult the player by giving them a break period..

  11. I've posted this issue repeatedly and I'm going into more detail about said issue.. I believe during this event the advanced users was turned off.. I will check This will cover several events and all involve Noodles. as he choose to urinate 3 times in one day. Why it concerns priority.. the first time he was trapped but he had all he needed to get out of it, yet he never used them for the escape until after THE ACCIDENT.. play drums.. in which he took place over a resivor sorry spelling is poor. but it was the dirty water one no biggie accept that it should of never happened.. he could of placed 1 block in 2 places and gotten out either way, of his supposed trap, Then that Evening, he urinated not once but twice in the sleeping area.. which is over the Water Res.. but it failed but in did get all the dup's totally covered in it since they were coming in or sleeping already twice in the same night he doesn't have a bladder issue nor is he sick, this will lead to a lot of maintenance work for me which I hate to do especially in games.. now he kinda had no he had no excuse there was a auto toilet and an out house both working. but one sink didn't work do to have priority of not fixing, that which needs fixing, and leaving one or 2 blocks undone, for several days.. they had the mats they just choose to run off the to other side where everything was one lower then the pipes and stay there.. every dup is capable of tidy either neutral or pumped up 1 or 2 spots so there is a variety of them. But they left them not to eat not to sleep just to go work someplace where they weren't.... people can claim they work but they don't either way with advanced checked or unchecked they always fail to compete the work in every area until the can't not do it.. this makes you mostly choose to only do one thing at a time but that is certainly not very fun to play... I'd fall asleep in fact I've started falling asleep playing this game.. must be really exciting huh it used to be.. The area of 7 has been there for quite a while along with the two pipes that were left I am missing a couple of pic's sorry but these cover the events and problems of priority.. The Super Duper Spacerock.sav
  12. Yes I figured that out after a bit more play, but thanks for the post.. they seem to output fertilizer to boot... I missed it in the notes sorry..
  13. Well they have changed a bunch since I posted, my failure.. I succeeded in this in 19 day with 8 colonists, most were upgraded in class at least once. they all had the food they needed and enough art work to keep them happy my 2 tables went unused, this time. I am not capable of posting the challenge in a correct fashion, I asked some one else to correct it but no one has.. at 38 days I'm behind on food but soon that will be ok too. still at 8 colonists. sorry I will check back.
  14. the Dups are stacking at least 2 bottles of Dirty Water in front of the terrarumums.. sp.. at first I thought this just happened but in my current game I have two of them and both have dirty water stacked in front of them and they didn't happen from an accicent.. they were moved there! there are no other bottles around them to indicate an accident happened there or in the area It gets worse, I moved the terriaimums and now the bottles are in front of them again? what gives they are dumping huges amounts of polluted 02 into the game>? it turned out I had a bunch stacked in front of one them them and a few in front of the other
  15. oh no one reposted it oh well.. it must be understandable before they can do it! And Watermelen took it apart so I was in hopes they would make it make sense