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For those playing The Forge for the first Time. (Not experienced players)


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I've playing the forge for around a week, but i am usually a good learning player, within this week i reached lvl 62 and finished all 42 accomplishments.

I see low level player being insulted for not knowing how to play, but i say, we all were amateurs at the forge, don't blame people for not knowing how to do the things, what i DO blame is the people who does not listen or follow advices.

So i am going to do a list in order to give some tips before you start:

*In first place don't pick the character you want or like, in the Forge specially for those starting out some characters are difficult to use and some of them fulfill an specific role.

*Don't pick up every item that drops, there are items for a characters and items for others, if you are a low level player, or unexperienced player i'd recommend ask first pick later.

*If other people want to blame you for making mistakes, respectfully say you are learning but that you are willing to learn, so if other people wants to advice you or teach you it is ok to listen.


With that being said here is a brief explanation about the forge:

The Forge consist on a closed arena where enemies spam in waves, after every wave some items drop that will help your team to be ready for the next waves.

Every monster its different and should be killed differently, and depending on the job you are doing for the team you should do a thing or another.


Now i will talk about the jobs that your team need to do. (How the team should be picked)

There are characters that can do a job, and other characters that can do more than 1 job so but talking in general this are the jobs:

***Most important one in my opinion is the Main tank, his gear is the better armor, starting with the 75% armor then getting the 85% one and then the 90% one with knockback resistance, and the helmet that allows you to be healed more (20% increased healings) so stop picking armor that says cooldown reduction or physical damage, your main job is to take damage for the team that's why you need the better armor.

***Second most important is the healer, his gear is the cooldown reduction armor and circlet (later you pick the increased heal that improve your heals by 20%), your job in the first place is to stay away from monsters in a safe position, if you die you wont heal your team and they could die, so try to be far for the figths cast the heal spell on top of the tank (this is important) and then safely wait until heal is ready again.

***Third most important is the Runner, his gear is the movement speed gear that makes you move faster, for new players starting out this is difficult to play and you would need several games to learn the waves and know how to play each one, the runner job is to distract monster and keep them away from healer in the early waves, later on some miniboss called "Boarilla" spawn, your job is to make it follow you while you avoid it attacks (that is why you need to move faster with the gear), you distract that big gorilla until your team kill the rest of the monsters and then you all deal with the Boarilla, after the first Boarilla, two of them will spawn at the same time, so your job is to distract one of them while your team kill the other and other monster that appears.

Now with this 3 important jobs the other 3 members of the group need to do the damage to the monsters so there are different kind of damage dealers (called DPS (Damage per second)).

***Ranged Dps, this are the character using darts, your gear is to get the physical damage items and helmets, your job if to stay away from monster while damaging them, move around so the tank get the monster attention while you kill the monsters.

***Mage, this character uses books at first, then later on a Fire Staff drops, this is your main item for damage, your job is like the dart users, stay away from monsters and damage the monsters, you can use the special power of your Staff but you must be sure to use it properly, try not to use the skill on monster that are under stun effects.

***Melee Dps, actually this spot is for Widfrig as having too many melee users is bad thing at first until you get experience, so the main thing with widfrig is to get some armor like tank and be half tank and half damage, you can help if some monster go to the ranged dps, the mage or the healer.


So another good things to talk about is the crowd control (called CC), this is the ability to make a group of monster unable to move or to attack your team, you can do this with Stuns, Petrification, and the ability that the healer staff has to Sleep the monster inside the healing circle. So the crowd control is the most important thing for you new players, you have to attack the monster that are not in CC state, so don't attack monsters petrified, sleeping or stunned, go attack the other monster moving. This is to make the figths easier and safer. Its better to figth 2 or 3 monster at a time than figthing 6 or more.

Things to avoid:

*Rigth Click spam, yessss skill are awesome, but if you use them wrong you make things difficult rather than easier.

*Bad position, like i said, tank should be getting monster attention, and the rest of the rest of the team should be away from the monsters.

*Pick the wrong character, yesss i know you like willow and wendy, but the team needs to be equilibrated with the picks, so see the next point to learn more about characters.


Now i will talk about characters and how difficult they are for new players (Starting for each role or job):

For Tanks: Wolfgang, WX-78, Widfrig, Winona, Wilson, Woodie, Wes.

The best pick: Wolfgang (has high Hit points, his passive helps if you are about to die).
Good pick: WX-78 (his shock passive helps when you get surrounded by many monsters)
Ok picks: Wilson, Winona, Woodie, this character are not optimal but they work.
Bad picks: WIdfrig and Wes, just dont pick them if you are going to tank, wes has very low hit points and widfrig is bad at keeping monster atention.

For Healer: Wilson, Willow, Wendy, Wickerbottom, Wes, Maxwell, Winona.

The best pick: Winona (her passive makes her heal to recharge faster)
Good pick: Wickerbottom (her passive makes her heal more but you would need to attack monsters)
Ok pick: Wilson (Wilson in the heal job can revive team mates while the heal spell is charging again)
Bad picks: Willow, Wendy,Wes, Maxwell. (Just dont pick them for healing job).

For Ranged Dps: Wilson, Willow, Wendy, Wes, Widfrig, Webber, Winona.

The best pick: Wilson (If someone dies you can stop attacking and go revive you ally, just be sure no monster is following you.)
Good picks: Webber (has highest hit points for dart users so you wont die that much)
Ok picks: Willow, Winona, Wendy, Widfrig
Bad pick: Wes (little hit points)

For mage: Wilson, Willow, Wendy, Wickerbottom, Maxwell, Winona.

The best pick: Wickerbottom (She start with a petrification book and her passive helps to improve Staff special skill)
Good picks: Willow, Wilson (Willow does more damage from fire and wilson can stop attacking and go revive teammates)
Ok picks: Wendy, Winona, not optimal picks but they can help
Bad pick: Maxwell (its very very squishy lowest Hit points) he is mostly a pro pick, he does the best damage for a mage but need skills.

For Runner: Every Character can be the runner.

The best pick: Woodie (high hit points and his Lucy axe instantly makes monsters to follow you)
Good picks: Wilson and Winona (Wilson can help reviving in the early waves, and winona has high hit points)
Ok picks: Wendy, Webber and Willow
Bad picks: The rest of the characters

For melee dps the best choise is widfrig, everything else is ok but don't pick wes.


So the best team for unexperienced players is like this:

Main tank: Wolfgang
Healer: Winona
Dart Dps: Wilson
Mage: Wickerbottom
Runner: Woodie

The last pick can be another ranged DPS like webber, or another tank to help like WX, or the best in my opinion is another Wilson so you get far in the Forge to learn more until you get confident to try new characters.


Don't be lazy take a few minutes to read all this so you enter the forge with a little knowledge, so you can gain the respect of the people.

In my case if i see a new player following advices and learning i tend to invite them again if we fail.



This is to experienced players that are going to say "Wilson healer is bad" "Wes is Bes", ok you may be rigth, but this guide is oriented to people with no experience on the Forge, so they can play all by them self as a full six level 1 players and kill at least the first boarilla.

We all started with no experience and died a lot to learn how to do things better.

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9 minutes ago, orian34 said:

I won't comment the healer part( :P) but I'm surprised you didn't add Wes in the good choices for runner as he is the only other character with woodie to have a clear bonus for the runner role.

my intention is for low lvl player, playing as wes one mistake boarilla goes to group or they die

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2 minutes ago, orian34 said:

Makes sense, nice info btw, when I read the first two lines I felt I was the one who wrote it :p (i'm level 62 too)

In fact this guide is oriented to ppl very first game, or ppl under lvl 10 learning about the Forge Game mode, thats why maxwell is not recommended as mage, when maxwell is my favorite mage, insane dps but u need to know how not to die xD.

About runner woodie is the best, he cancel boss animations and help on last boss to aggro his ranged double attack so it doesnt hit healer trying to cast heal. does it happens to you, sometimes the healer is casting the animation then the boss double swipe the healer and ppl like standind still waiting for the heal xD its funny.

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