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As in title, some feedback about new, cool game mode from random person who learn about game design and have a little bit different point of view. And below i only want to present it to developers and players. You don;t have to agree, and remember: Every piece of feedback is important.

  1. Graphic design of arena is really cool. Only issue i see is that it is easy to miss the Battlemaster Pugna. I saw him in like 4th game. Adding some torches, pillars or even making some other texture in the place where he is sitting should be enough.
  2. Skins are just awesome <3
  3. Music too <33
  4. Very often fights are too long. Especially with less experienced players. In my opinion the worst is with Tortanks and Venomeers.ThereĀ  is rule which says: get in>have fun>get out. And you get in, have fun and then mash the buttons and get boring. I would suggest to lower health of these two units or to add buffs to players damage which appears after some time of playing.
  5. I have some poinst about characters and thei traits:
  • Wilson - He is really good. Pretty easy to play, good to master. Reviving traits match with his scietnis theme.
  • Willow - Satisfying to play. Cool aspect with her bear. Bear's AI is not so good that results he protect her but in other corner of the map. Awesome fire trait.
  • Wolfgang - Useful and cool looking trait. Easy and rewarding.
  • Wendy - She is pretty weak. Her trait is only Abigail. She's not so powerful. Small damage and fast-dying. She can tank - that's good. And there is nothing with her death mania. I would maybe upgrade a little bit Abigali and add for Wendy new trait. For example faster reviving animation or damaging aura when she is dead.
  • WX78 - Really good robot. Challenging and really useful. Especially with ability to interupt spin of Tortanks.
  • Wickerbottom - I am not sure about her. In game play she looks pretty well. But in general she looks weak. Maybe adding some cool trait with books could make her more intresting.
  • Woodie - He's cruel! Just tossing around Lucy. Moreover he's good. At the first place i was thinking about adding some traits with his animal form but focusing his playstyle about Lucy is nicely done.
  • Wes - Surprisingly good. At the beginnig i think that he will be again character for hardcore players, but he can be just really good DPS.
  • Maxwell - Hard, challenging and dealing high damage. In good hands can be awesome.
  • Wigfrid - I am not sure is she useful but her gameplay is wonderful and she have nice traits.
  • Webber - Spiders. Nice DPS. I would give him trait which slows enemies who attacked him, beacuse of silk.
  • Winona - Easy to play and boring. As she is The Handywomen she could have trait increasing damage dealt with all kinds of weapons, or somethink. I really don't know.

That is all of thing i want to say. I am waiting for comments of other players and (hopefully) developers. Feel free to discuss :)

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On 12/11/2017 at 11:48 AM, Morgwat said:
  • Wigfrid - I am not sure is she useful but her gameplay is wonderful and she have nice traits.

I think Wigfrid is pretty useful for DPS as the spiral spear (which only appears if Wigfrid is present) is one of the best DPS weapons there is. Her lowered enemy aggravation also means she doesn't get hit as much while melee-ing while there are tanks attacking.. She can also act as a backup tank if necessary (though not as good as Wolf or WX).

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