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  1. If the player is located within this interior upon saving and exiting, then upon reloading of the world, the player will be unable to move among other issues. There may also be an error message the first attempt at loading. See Don't Starve Hamlet [Interiors] Bug A.mp4 More of the problem, plus a work-around is possible to fix the issue with commands after each loading is possible- see Don't Starve Hamlet [Interiors] Bug B.mp4
  2. Opening ornate chests has a chance of changing the durability of an item in your inventory. You probably had a 100% log chest already which got changed by opening an ornate chest to 102%. There may be some other bugs if they haven't been fixed that may mean that log suit is unbreakable. But I don't think this is actually a bug.
  3. Yeah, but it's annoying since I don't normally carry oincs with me while exploring the ruins.
  4. Items on the pedestals in the secret rooms within pig ruins all require 1 oinc to take, as if you were purchasing them from a shop. It appears to affect all the pig ruins (or at least the 2 I checked). This issue has only presented itself on one world. All previous worlds, and a new world to test the bug did not present the issue.
  5. I suppose with this system, more dishes is still better... but only to improve the average resulting from the poorer dishes early on.
  6. Yep. Definitely an issue. Was with a friend who said that the server we were on wasn't showing at all in the search. But when I remade the server everything was fine. Have sat in a server after a game has finished when someone disconnected and had no one join for 10-20 minutes, yet as soon as I remake the server, people join in within the minute. This repeated many times.
  7. Just a quick question- do you have Windows 10, because I know there was an update which basically caused most of my games to be locked at 30 fps which was quite annoying, so if you do have W10, it may have something to do with that.
  8. I crafted them yesterday (29th here) since I figured I probably wouldn't have the chance of playing afterwards.
  9. As a fellow Aussie, I can confirm that I am experiencing this, and was about to make my own post here. All minimum of 160 ping compared to the 30-40 prior.
  10. It's not like the skin trader had much business anyway.