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What do you like about this game?

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I just started playing Don't Starve.  It's a hoot when I'm not dying and re-re-re-hashing.  How does Oxygen Not Included compare?  I don't have it (yet) but am flirting with trying that too.  Anyone here play both?  Appreciate helpful opinions as I am sorta intrigued by this team dying game.

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it was a managing and simulation game not survival like don't starve

this game is like  terraria+rimworld = oxygen not included  but it different you have to manage where to sleep,where to get food,how to make your colony work effective

- the main point of this game is GAS i love it and it have some real world use like you might not know CO2 will sit below O2 but this game show it in to your face and it true
- i learned physics+chemical class. what i learn was theory but this game show visual

- it was fun to figure it out what this things do and how to make it do better something like this.

i guess you should try this game. or you may refund if you don't like.

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I don't like this game. I LOVE it.

  • Science based simulation: Thermodynamics, Chemistry, Physics, some biology (Hatches <3) nuff said
  • Survival Focused: Build your colony with science or DIE.
  • Love the art + sounds
  • Love the diversity of items
  • Love the ever expanding tech tree and game complexity


On 11/9/2017 at 3:11 AM, SackMaggie said:


As popular as that game is, I just couldn't get myself to play it. I was so bored and didn't feel immersed into the game. In ONI, every time a dupe dies, my heart skips a beat. Also, I can't get myself to kill dupes to farm Morbs =(

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