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How to Build Zip file for character modding?

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Hi there,

I just try to edit a Character Mod, just for personal use (family game). 

So, I chose a mod, extract the ExampleCharacter.zip in anim folder. I edit with Math TEX, and after all, I build a ExampleCharacter.zip file from it. Copy it to Mod folder in steam. Create new host, test it, and character became invisible. Nothing show up ==> I thought I do something wrong with the Tex file. But NOT!

I backup the ExampleCharacter.zip file. Work perfect. So, I just unzip it again, do nothing, zip it again. And character became Invisible again :|

I tried default win10 zip, and winzar zip also. But character still became invisible.

(The default ExampleCharacter.zip is 300 KB.

Default Win10 zip will make ExampleCharacter.zip: 299 KB.

All type of Winrar zip will make ExampleCharacter.zip: 290, 299, 302, 310, 2000 KB.

None of them make ExampleCharacter.zip is 300KB like defaul file. So I think Zip build will make character invinsible or not, right? )

So, please, tell me how to build a zip for character mod. Thank you so much.

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