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  1. Dear Arlesienne, I just edited mod for testing and learning, and use it for family game, not publish it. So, yes, in fact I should ask for permission first, but you know, sometime you can just ask everyone about their mod just for testing it yourself. But anyway, thank for you advise. I solved my problem now, and understand more about how the mod work. I will do one myself from the Tutorial he gave me. Thank you all.
  2. Dear all, I just beginner here. Start learning modding from edit another mod. Well, just for testing and understand more before I can create one myself. And my first edit-mod is a Character for my wife =)) lol. Problem is the origin character has no... eyes, and my wife loves blue hair :)) So, I edit the "workshop-zzzzzzzzzz\exported\zzzzzz\ Because I see in that has all of Character Picture (eyes, hair...). Well, I edited them, zip it back with window default ability. And I replace the origin by the new one. But when I created a new server to test it, it just look like the old one (character with no eyes and black hair)? Can some one please tell me how to fix it? Thank you very much,