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Require durability for recipe

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Hello, I am working on a little mod for my server....

I'd like to know if there is a way to require an item to be at 100% durability for it to be used in a recipe. For example, if the recipie required Ingredient("armorwood", 1)... Could I specify the armor had to be at 100% durability?

Also.... On a second part...

Could someone answer how I set the tech level? I know TECH.NONE means it can be built at start... how do I specify the need for a Science Machine, Alchemy Engine, etc.?
 (found the answer to this one)

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15 hours ago, Lumina said:

I'm not sure it's possible, but what you can probably do is make the crafted item inherit the durability.

As far as i know, Default's mod for Chrismas do it, and maybe @JohnWatson found a way to do it if i'm not wrong ?

This would work just as well.. especially if I could add the two durabilities together and max them at 100% .. I'll have to try to find these mods. Thank you.

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