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The Men of Science Wins Today!


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This was my latest attempt at The Forge with randoms. What started out as a joke to mess around for the last match of the day, actually proved to be quite a formidable group composition. Just thought I'd share the fun with the rest of you guys. Excuse the bad jokes and silly puns and most especially for getting hit while typing in chat. 

We played 6 Wilsons. 

That is correct, we are... The Men of Science!

What I think really kept us alive was the fact that every revive gave us more health than usual plus there was a handful of well timed Meteors and Heals which were clutch. Also anyone can heal as long as the staff gets dropped while on cooldown.

We just kept our distance and taking aggro away from dead Wilsons to get them revived by other Wilsons. Unfortunately almost half-way through the Boarrior fight, we lost one of our Wilsons who had to leave but we didn't lose hope entirely. You will be remembered, brother. 

6 men... now 5.

At this point everyone was a bit more cautious and healing as often as possible while also putting the Boarrior to sleep. We did die quite a handful of times when we all jump for the heals while Boarrior wasn't asleep yet. Very bad idea.

Anyway, I could go on about how badly we played but the result is undeniable. 6 Wilsons can work, even 5 did. Learn from our mistakes! (shakes fist)

Shoutout to the other five members of The Men of Science: Demon Lord, solsticehope, SJJ, MynemJEFF, and ?+wilson+?[BR].

Thank you for playing, cheers!

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