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The hunt for the mighty Koalephant

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When I first saw the Suspicious dirt pile and the track I felt the exhilaration of a safari hunt. Finally some fresh quarry to track and kill. I had my fill of the rabbits and birds. Spiders nests tasted the flame of my torch and even the queen of spiders tasted death by my blade. Even the mighty Beefalo was easy to kill once it was separated from the herd and the Tall birds were no match for my spear. I fallowed the tracks down the island as I hoped my quarry was near. The only sound in the air was the crunching of my feet in the grass. I came to a clearing against the ocean. I spotted another track against the shore. I ran to it and dropped to my knees to clear away the dirt hoping to find a fresh track but it pointed back the way I came. I ran back the way I came but I could not find another track. It seams my quarry was lost to me. I scratched my head and went on but I was always looking for another Suspicious dirt pile.After 10 days I finally found the tracks again. It was pointing across the river to another Island. It had a foot print as big as my head. Could it be that this mighty beast could fly. I quickly dashed up the island and ran across the bridge to the next island. I quickly found the next foot print. It dose seem like this beast can fly or at least be able to jump great distances with a single leap. The track was pointing further south on the island. I ran as fast as I could jumping over felled trees and past the spider nests that littered this island. I found another track and then another and each one lead me further to my prise, a date with victory or a date with my death. For such a mighty beast as this I would need to fight hard to survive. I was close I could sense it. I knew the beast was just over the horizon. I quickened my pace and leaped over the top of the bluff to see it. This mighty creature with 4 horns protruding from its head. A trunk that could break a body in two and two tusks that could skewer a man alive. It did not see my approach. I crouched low as I ready to pounce on my prey as I would need to be quick and deadly. Before I could move in position it turned to face me. It’s great eye’s look down over it’s massive trunk down at me. My breath left me and I knew it would be the last to escape my fragile body(as I was playing as Wendy at the time ;). I braced for the deadly blow the beast jumped up and let a shout from its body and ..... and ....... stood still. I waited for the blow, eyes squinting against the pain the was sure to come. But it never came. This animal was just looking at me. The fear welling in its eyes. one of it’s knees was shaking and I could tell that it was not a beast but a gentle giant that was not worth my blade or the time it took to track it down. It was 4 times my size and had the strength force to crush me but it looked at me in fear. It made my stomach turn that such an elusive prey that could jump great distances and could crush my head like grape could be in such wimp. I started to feel sorry for it and I stood up and brought up my spear to silence it’s quaking but I could not do it. Even the rabbits of the plain put up more of a fight. So I left. My disappointment in hand. I slowly wandered back to camp. Two days later it showed up in my camp as if to ask for a hand out. I let it stay and build a pen for it. I figure when the winter comes I will slaughter it as this great mighty beast has no fight in him. It is just something I can make a hamburger out of later.

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alctually, the kolefants DO fight back if you attack them, but you can kill them pretty easily with no armor and a spear. :/

My story was exaggerating a bit but I was using artistic licence. I was trying to get across the point of what a letdown the Kolephant is. I have attacked and killed one but it took about two swipes of my spear. This animal should be like the Lord of the rings elephants.
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