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I find myself playing ONI way too much after the update, and anyone can agree that it is a well-thought out game. Here are some suggestions that I think Klei should add:

Creature reproduction system: Every few cycles, the mob will lay an egg. If you hover your pointer over it, it will say the time till hatch and the survival rate (35%?) The egg can be used for food.

Incubator: New building: Dupes will put reachable eggs in the Incubator, and the survival rate will increase to 95%?

Gas/Liquid Temperature Filter: Only the gas/liquid between desired temperature can pass, others will be separated. 

Hot tub: Improved shower, takes up more space and water, but decreases a large amount of stress and improves hygiene.

Infinite world selection: Map goes on forever.

Trapdoors: One tile horizontal airlocks

Space Benedict: New food that includes eggs


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