Carrier Bird: Companion. Shipwreckeds version of Chester

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Something I loved about the base DS and DS: RoG was having my companion Chester follow me around and aid me in my ventures. With Shipwrecked and how its impossible to have a companion like Chester around it feels a little empty. I think a remedy to this would be to introduce another mascot, one where water isnt a issue for them. In comes the Carrier Bird. Like Chester, it requires you find  a special item and hold it in your inventory at all times. The purpose of the Carrier Pigeon is that not only will it follow you around but the perk to it is quite unique. Venturing around in Shipwrecked can seem a bit exhausting at times, especially if you are trying to establish a home base. Going from island to island gathering supplies and resources, and then bringing them back to your home base. Although sometimes you are not able to carry them all, so you will have to leave some behind and come back the next day to get the rest. The Carrier Bird would have 4 empty slots for you to store items in, but not only that but you can send the Carrier Bird away so that it will drop the items back off at your base, and the next day return to you with 4 empty slots again(of course you will still need to be carrying the special item reminiscent of the Eye Bone for the Bird to be able to track you and return). This way you can get some of your resources to your base while adventuring still, and not necessarily have to worry about a lot of doubling back and forth, and island hopping.


Also you would possibly have to build a perch for the Carrier Bird at wherever your home base happens to be, or wherever you intend for it to go when you send it off. This way the Bird knows exactly where to go when it is sent off. Not only that but you can only have one built at a time. Building more than one would just confuse the Bird. So if you wish to move it, you would have to destroy it with a Hammer and then make another elsewhere. This perch would also double as a small bank, as the items the Bird drops off when sent away would be stored here, and when you return to your home base you would have to empty this cache into your normal Chests, so that you can fully utilize the Bird again.


Not only that but I feel as though a Bird companion would be appropriate for this expansion, given its nature.

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WHAT?! How come I have never run into him yet?? This is awseome!! I still wish he could carry some of my stuff to the home base for me, but this is great!! I dont know how I havent come across him yet but Ill keep searching nonetheless, thanks!!


Edit: I think another reason why this had taken me aback was because with Chester I almost always ran into the Eyebone within the first couple days of my playthroughs every time but with this one I had never encountered it before. Also if Im not mistaken the Eyebone will appear on the Map as an icon if you wander in its  vicinity, while the Fishbone does not...still neat.

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