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select all button for mods

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I really want to be able to just "select all" from the mods tab when creating a new server (and just unselect the ones i don't need). When you have only one or two mods its okay but when you get up to 70 and having to tick them all, it becomes cumbersome and we don't always play the same map (like to change it up when we have forgotten where everything is)
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2 hours ago, SuperDavid said:

I also suggested this too before, it really would be nice if Klei add something like this :D! Like I usually make a new world after winter ends or something & it really is cumbersome checking all 50+ mods 1 by 1..

yes i saw yours but the title wording wasn't quite enough info and I couldn't reply to yours to suggest for you to change it

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