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  1. the idea is to get the second reservoir full before cutting in to the overflow. Both methods result in the same problem. the cutoff can't trigger because the OR or NOT are both still green, because there is still some liquid coming out of the reservoir into the supply teleporter. what i want to do is have a second output that is dedicated to opening the cutoff valves so you end up with two automation channels. One that deals with the flow forward, and another that triggers in the opposite, so when the tank is empty it closes the cutoff valve. If i use a NOT before the cutoff valve the whole circuit just keeps flipping on and off infinitely. I might rebuild my whole system again and post the whole thing so you guys can see the entire thing fully built.
  2. if I use an OR gate it never changes state. because the reservoirs only have input not output. The filled state is never satisfied on the second reservoir because the first is full but the water flow can't be controlled because of other pipes causing the liquid to go elsewhere.
  3. the other thing as i pointed out on my images, is that when the hot water tank is full i want to pipe that to other devices, which will require the tank to output automation to open up cutoff valves elsewhere; again this only solves the movement of water, not the automation part of the puzzle.I do NOT want to dump out hot liquid into the base or its surroundings, i want to pass the liquid straight to the desired locations. The cooling link is one part of a bigger picture, but its not the complete automation system. I need to have the cooling happening, while also only triggering the hot water flow up to the cold crops on world 2 once all the tanks are full, and also on the flipside on world 1 to only use the hotwater to heat the upper part of the base were the rocket airlock is once the base is supplied with water, i've completely fulled up tanks to supply the supply teleporter and also fed the loop on the cooled water side to not allow the water to be used to cool the metal refinery etc. until after the reservoirs for the base and for cooling the airlock areas is full.
  4. you can't use aquatuners when all water sources on Terra are all 300f/100c and theres no cooling systems on Terra, the heat from the aquatuners have to go somewhere, and you can only use worts, and they are only on Swamp. I'd have to vent air through to space, which means i lose everything and i need atmosuits .. which need cool air since the temp on the cool steam vents is 300f/100c when it goes through the electrolyzer it comes up at 95f/40c and cooling a base and for atmosuits with that is impossible, can't grow crops etc. I HAVE to use the Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier for keeping the temps down i've played at least 20 games, the same problem over and over. With or without mods, same problem.
  5. green is gas, blue is liquids, brown/orange is solids. my solution applies to managing gases and liquids going through the teleporter. but it applies to filtering water etc. all the same. the reservoirs need an output to simplify automation.
  6. are you pulling my leg. The supply teleporter has a liquid, a gas and a solids transport on it. You can send all three types of supplies through the teleporter. We're in the Spaced Out DLC forum here.
  7. you're still thinking like i'm dealing with just one water flow, i need to manage the input supply teleporter and the output supply teleporter and move the fluids around. Not on one world but two. IF i have to manage that manually i will only be doing that the entire game. I have to deal with the world that i'm currently working on, while the emulation is still going on, on the other world. while still having that worlds water flow moving around. The local one i can use the method you suggested. But the automation for the Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier will need to be fully automated, filling a hot tank on world 1 (used for keeping the heat up in the rocket airlock areas, hot tubs etc.) as well as pumping water to world 2 (with a reservoir to manage the flow through the supply teleporter to world 2) and a hot water tank on world two that goes to the Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier, a return cooled water tank on world 2. world 2 requires hot water for regulating the sleet wheat farm, hot tub etc.), and a cooled tank from the Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier on world 1 (that came via the supply teleporter) and world 2 with its own water system. thats a LOT of manual switching. Sorry thats just stupid. A simple solution is an output on the reservoir that fixes all those problems by allowing us to detect when the tank is full so we can redirect water elsewhere. if the gases are the same it fixes so many problems, we can then push excess gases into space etc. your solution adds an additional 8 pumps, 12 filters, and an extra 2000 refined gold to my problem. the power requirements are then the next problem, considering i have to have the cooling on world 2 BEFORE i can get to the oil to get plastic. and the cramped world size means theres not enough space to do anything else with the space restriction.
  8. you're still not detecting when the tank is full. this is a situation where i don't know how much liquid is coming back through the return supply teleporter, and if i have to manually manage the flow that defeats the automation part of the entire discussion.
  9. Yeah which is why i am asking to have an output for automation on the reservoirs so i can keep the gas and liquid flowing correctly without backing up everything else. I had two games now where i had water stop because the water flow from the geyser to the supply teleporter was backed up; and i need water on the starting biome to goto the swamp cluster planetoid to be cooled by the Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier to be returned to use on the electrolyzers to supply cooled oxygen for the atmosuits. Trying not to use the local water sources for the other planetoid because ... lets face it they are so irregular at erupting that it makes more sense to do it this way. As per the first set of pictures, we're going from a pump, to a liquid filter, at which point it needs to split into clean water and polluted water, when that reservoir is full it needs to then go into the pipe up to a reservoir next to the supply teleporter and then the reverse coming back from the return. Doing as you have pictured, the cutoff is an INPUT to the reservoir, if i do it in reverse where the reservoir needs to be filled first this doesn't work. I need hot water locally to supply all the other equipment; i only need the left over water to goto the supply teleporter Cooling gases is the same problem.
  10. For me it doesn't have an out. the second i attach the automation wire it just doesn't accept any liquid input
  11. reservoirs don't have an output for automation as per the explanation and the images showing how i am attempting to attach it. Have you not used the liquid teleporters yet ? you can't send liquids through if they aren't filtered to prevent it going through and getting wrong element errors and blocking the entire line, same with gas pipes.
  12. how have you got your priorities set? 9 is soon as possible, so if you've got everything set to 9 then they'll just do the closest task to them. You have to prioritize what you want done in what order. if you set most of the tasks to the default 5 and have a few 9s and 8s then they will do those tasks first. you can accidentally change the priorities by using the priority tool and selecting everything, the best way to do it is to use the radio buttons on the priorities tool (you can select dig, automation, building etc. instead of all of them) Also are you sure its not a two tile space somewhere that is stopping them from getting to the yellow priority tasks ? The duplicants can only move or jump across 1 tile wide gaps.
  13. Confirming this happens for me if i switch worlds too fast. Saving and reloading fixes it.
  14. Restocking rock crushers, distillers and power generators (except manual) should be supply tasks Number of times the Operation dupes are too busy refueling coal and operating other machines like the metal and oil refineries to keep the base operational seems a little tilted. My coal generators should be running separately to my manual generators on two separate circuits but i cannot make that work. Annoyingly the only other way I can see to fix that would be to force assign people to the task or make a separate 'class' in addition to operator, or rename plumber to mechanic and move some tasks around.
  15. Are you running mods that are breaking it perhaps, i just tried this out of curiousity and it works for me...
  16. You don't have a Deactivate DLC button, I'm assuming this might just be a graphical bug with the logo. Do you own the base game ? This is how the DLC screen should look Your view is a version behind (see build number) and you don't have the Deactivate DLC button which makes me think something else is going on. || Without the DLC ARE YOU SURE you didn't opt into the beta ?
  17. change the way that duplicants are rolled to 'per planetoid' at the moment the number of duplicants with good traits too low per planetoid if I use 8 for the first two planetoids then when i get to the third one, (when i get to rockets), i've only got destruction dupes available, creating chaos of shifting the 'good' dupes from the first world and creating a very unstable rotation of 'bad' dupes on the first world when it all goes to heck due to the time to rocket between worlds and setup the next base. having a total of 15 good dupes total makes it difficult for new players
  18. food HUD should have an tooltip that shows food per planetoid instead have it so that when the food HUD element is clicked it shows a breakdown of each food type from there at the moment if i switch between worlds the value changes *sometimes*. A few times its failed to update and i thought there was more food available than was actually available.
  19. At the moment i have a maze of pipes going everywhere in my bases. In order to detect what sort of liquids etc i have (using automation) results in issues where the liquid will just pass directly past the liquid shutoff i want to activate so i have resorted to using filters. But this has created its own set of problems. I cannot detect the level of the tanks so when a tank/reservoir gets full there is no way to redirect the liquid/gases elsewhere. If i use AND filters the whole chain becomes unusable. If i add automation to a gas or liquid tank/reservoir, the reservoir essentially doesn't return a false [ie. its input not output], but i can't pass that feedback to the next automation chain to switch on say a liquid vent to drop that liquid somewhere to be resorted later). This results in the entire piping system becoming full and nothing can move anywhere. Unless i'm completely oblivious to something, the OR gate won't work unless its getting signal but since i can only pass input there's no way to signal the next branch to kick in. Scope of the problem Automation Layout
  20. What if each player could run a planetoid ... Lets say 4 players working together to try get goods to each other to max out their planetoid .... You'd essentially be able to have a planetoid the size of the base game for each player, and they'd be able to essentially build their own base, with the only way to pass materials back and forth being the teleporters. You could essentially generate geysers for specific planetoids (water, salt water, slush geysers) like in the DLC but also supply other geysers (say up to 6) to 'help' the player progress that are unique only to that planetoid. No duplicant teleporters, no rocketry [but then again see later thoughts]; just relying on other players to get the materials you need. Your pod would only supply duplicants, and you'd only get duplicants the other players hadn't snatched up. The only 'data' you'd then be sending is whats coming through the teleporters and the duplicant pool. Maybe voicechat, but theres discord so ... or maybe end game could be you complete your POI rocket with the missing parts & fuel it ready to go back home? All four players must have their rocket ready to win the game ? all players duplicants die = player is out
  21. Animations (when dupes are at airlock doors) plays first frame of any animation occasionally The duplicant can walk through doors fine, but if they try to build or dig past the door, the animation only plays the first frame Duplicants can get stuck at doors for several seconds but are doing tasks at or near the door. Append to