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Don't Starve: Shipwrecked beta feedback

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Thieverpedia    322

As a Don't Starve dedicated player for 5 years, I was overjoyed to participate in this beta and help with refining this beta and giving some feedback on it.

In this thread, I'll be detailing my experiences thus far with the Shipwrecked beta and adding onto it when I discover more about it. You have the option of reading the long text or just the TL;DR if you're low on time! <3


This was an interesting addition to the game. It added a lot more to the game by allowing players to create sea bases and keep their ships repaired without wasting boat repair kits, along with plopping it down for a tar trap. Could have potential for something more than just slowing things down. The method of gaining tar was also nice, but I feel the amount of tar is a little too much once you start getting multiple tar extractors set up. My personal recommendation? Require 2-3 tar to fully refuel it. One just seems like too much for a 6 tar profit.

TL;DR Good addition, method of gaining could be more balanced.

Tar Lamp

Seemed to me that it was pretty useless. Was basically a torch that could be stuck on boats without any twigs needed, and lasted about the same time. By the time I got one made, I already had a Bottle Lantern and a Boat Lantern going. My personal recommendation? Swap this lamp with a better version of the Bottle Lantern with an expensive recipe, using Tar for fuel.

TL;DR Item not needed, would be better if it had a superior variant.

Tar Suit

It's simply too expensive to consider using for just that one day of use. It would benefit more from simply using 1 Tar and 1 Cloth or giving it more durability. Maybe 2-3 days of use with a -2.2 sanity per minute as a balance. You're wearing a suit of disgusting tar, after all.

TL;DR Too expensive, needs more work and balancing.

Encrusted Boat

I love everything about this boat. The drastically higher health, 2 item slots, and a little slower speed for balancing. Granted, it made the Armored Boat a little useless and floating limestone makes little sense, but I'll jut go with it. It was nice to finally replace my low health Cargo Boat.

TL;DR Perfect, Armored Boat could use a good buff to make viable.

Fish Farm

A nice addition to add onto the already excessive food sources. The option to harvest all but one fish to keep a certain breed only was a nice touch. With all the roe being dropped by the cormorants however, it can attract muttadiles that can attack the farms and eat the fish. It was nice to have to pay attention to the area around my farms instead of having a non-spoiling food source. That risk was very well needed.

TL;DR Perfect as it is, no change needed.

Coral Nubbin

I kinda like it. Being able to slowly transfer a coral reef to a more desirable location really does come in handy, considering how new crafting recipes require a lot of limestone. I don't really see anything wrong with it.

Tl;DR Perfect, no changes needed.

Quackering Ram

A neat addition as a good reward from the Quacken, a constelation prize for those who didn't get a walking cane from the chest. Granted, it was just good. The problem came with the non-repairable nature of the item coupled with the low durability. I assumed there would also be a left-click "Charge" option so one could use that handy ability whenever. The speed boost was enough to make it great. I feel it could benefit from a Boat Repair Kit for 35% repair, perhaps? There's also the matter of rapidly equipping and unequiping it for that small speed boost upon equipping, which is too easy of an exploit.

TL;DR Good addition, could be refined for controllable ram, more durability, or repair option.

Quacken Drill

Great investment for those without a tar spot near their base, with a 20-day minimum wait for another spot. I can't really find anything wrong with this, unless one decides to mass plant them for way too many tar. All of that can cause lag. Perhaps give a limit on how many spots can be made or give it a ramming ability as a weapon on land?

TL;DR Good addition, more uses would bring out it's potential.

Sea Bases

An interesting addition, to be sure. It's nice that there were no sea farms, bee boxes, or crock pots to completely get rid of land reliance. I actually made a file with Woodlegs just to use sea bases. The walls blocked a lot of the annoying waves, the chimnea was actually nice to have near the ship yard, and the chests were lightning-proof! An excellent design choice, considering we have no sea version of the lightning rod.

TL;DR Great addition, no changes needed

Boat Yard

It was nice to finally have a method of repair that only required Tar to function. No more wasting Boat Repair Kits unless I was out at sea, away from the base! My only complaint is having to physically be on the boat to repair them, along with the low tar requirement for a full refill. I believe it could be improved by allowing it to repair boats without having to drive them and upping the Tar cost for a full refill from 1 to 2-4.

TL;DR Nearly perfected, could be better with off-boat repairs.

Ballphin Palaces

Protection at sea was always a pain before this beta, due to Ballphins and Oxes reproducing slowly. But with the Ballphin Palace, protection when the Muttadile attacks occur have never been better. Even though I play as Webber, I still find myself building them in strategic locations for their help. Sure are better than a Tooth Trap!

TL;DR Great addition, no changes needed.


I thought I'd notice no difference between them and the hounds, but I was wrong. Their transition from water to land was seamless. The addition of a poisonous variety for the summer was also a nice addition and caught me off guard the first time, reminding me of the harsh game I've come to love. No more hopping back and forth from sea to land to keep the attacks stalled, and that's a huge plus! For balancing, that is. These hound/sea hound replacements were done perfectly.

TL;DR Nothing needs to be changed. They're perfect.

Rainbow Jellyfish

Their bioluminescent properties along with their migration habits made them a fascinating addition to the game, allowing players to follow them back to their volcanic area for a slightly easier volcano find. I sense they could have more uses that aren't just for eating. Perhaps a Rainbow Jellypop or a Shipwrecked variety of Moggles?

TL;DR Interesting addition, has more potential.

Tropical Bouillabaisse

A great thing to have around once you get the right fish from your Fish Farms. Wigfrid can really benefit from this. Granted, getting the right fish is all RNG, but it's still nice to have the option once you do get them going. Can easily become the sole food source when paying attention.

TL;DR Perfect. No change needed.


So the delicacy finally found it's way into Shipwrecked, and it certainly has the stats to match it. But 33 sanity seems like a little too much, considering how cheap the recipe is. It's nice to finally have in the game, but it could use a sanity gain nerf or a more complicated recipe to balance it out.

TL;DR Needs balancing, we already have enough high sanity foods in Shipwrecked, none of which are as cheap as Caviar

-Tar Extractors randomly not shutting off after running out of fuel, still producing tar. Unknown cause of bug, large amounts of tar causing lag.

-Tropical Fan taking on the appearance of the Luxury Fan

-Buoyant Chimnea and Sea Chests can be placed inside existing structures

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