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Glitches to Report

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Just a couple things I have found in the time I've spent so far. The first glitch is that the duplicates sometimes will not complete build projects, despite being idle. Keep in mind these ones have the build-deliver function enabled, with all materials necessary and an accessible build zone. The second bug that I have found could be from my lack of knowledge, but is questionable nonetheless. My water supply was completely sealed off underground, with tile surrounding the entire pool. It was completely clean for about 10 cycles, even with my pumps working that time period. The water randomly started slowly becoming contaminated with food poisoning, although my people were showering, washing, and were not vomiting or "making a mess." I also noticed that there are some clearly contaminated objects that the game will simply not let you disinfect, as in when you select the machine for disinfecting, it does not register as an assigned task. Keeping in mind that some of these buildings grew to over 1 million germs, that's a pretty scary bug to have.

Hope this helps!

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