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  1. Adding to what neotuck said, this is not a bug. Any kind of water/air producer will become dormant if the ambient pressure gets too high, i.e. too much gas pressure or too much water
  2. Ive seen this bug happen with pretty much anything you have the duplicants start and then manually have them abandon, i.e. telling them to dig and having them cancel digging or deconstructing and then cancelling that halfway through. Replying to increase popularity.
  3. I initially built a pipe running through my hydroponic farms to irrigate my bristle berries. It was working great for about 20-30 cycles, and nothing new was added to the pipeline, but suddenly water stopped flowing to some of my plants. What is weird is that it actually was still flowing to the first few, and not the rest. I even tried rebuilding the pipe with no difference. Ive encountered this problem several times before, each with varying situations but no consistent problem. The only other thing worth mentioning here is that I've actually run way more hydroponic farms off of one pump before and this problem hasn't occurred. Easily 3 times the amount I'm running off of the pump shown, which makes me think this isn't a problem of overworking the pump... The Swanky Cesspool.sav