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School me on liquifying gases - without videos

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2 hours ago, manu_x32 said:

Yeah exactly, the whole shower keeps the same temp spanning over 8 tiles, huge!  So if it's always soaking in liquid 02 like below, it's always very cold. This is my old version, before switching to oil update, but oil was way OP in that version (debug mode only). This thing was able to crunch 4 full time gas pumps of po2 with 1 aquatuner very rarely running (second was just for priming phase).  But I'm revisiting the designs since oil is less OP now, and aquatuner keeps running almost full time with that design.  

Sorry for the vid @SusanMcO, but it's very short, and has no voice over. ;)

No need to apologize @manu_x32  :D  You're not trying to teach me something I don't think with this, but demonstrate for a conversation that is way past my skill level in the game *L*

Everyone plays/learns/etc different ways.  You do you!

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