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Methus Puzzle

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Nono, you gotta complete the Cyclum puzzle to get the Tragic Torch skin. You need the Tragic Torch unlocked to get access to the Metheus puzzle, which gives you the Ancient Cane and Ancient King's Chest. I recommend googling how to solve it if you'd like the skins.

Here's what the 3 (4 if you count the staff) skins look like:



59b56413b9ae4_Timeless_TragicTorch.png.9cc3e2f967b7841ac0141f0ffd746f12.png <Tragic Torch (Torch skin)

Timeless_Cane_Ancient.png.d5a76b9e315bbeaff758b72efe1febb9.png<Ancient Cane (Walking Cane skin)

59b564566b926_Timeless_OrangeStaff_Ancient.png.8fe59b72a33ca93beb04bbfb7f49ff88.png<Ancient Staff (Lazy Explorer skin; it's not technically its own skin cause you get it with the walking cane skin, since the lazy explorer's recipe includes the walking cane)

Timeless_Chest_Ancient.png.b55f3cc06757c23913eaa53f5466aa63.png<Ancient King's Chest (Chest skin)



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