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Strong Contrast in Overlay at a given Value

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As useful as the overlays already are, I'd like to see the following functionality being added:

In the overlay have a selection between the current overlays as defaults and a mode which changes the visual display depending on the value one is able to input.

Use the given value as a breakpoint to have a stronger contrast between values below and above said breakpoint.

This could be achieved through a binary coloration or manipulation of the color gradient.

Additionally  a choice between <, >, <=, >= to switch the context would be nice.


Suggestion of implementation:

The value input is hidden on default and appears on taking an action (maybe a checkbox). This prevents menu clutter and new players from being overwhelmed. The current state of the overlay is saved between switching overlays and exiting the overlay mode. Another action (unchecking) hides the input and restores the overlay to the default mode.

    Temperature Overlay:

        The value given is a temperature.

        If a tile meets the condition brighten it by x%, if not darken it by x%.

    Decor Overlay:

        The value given is a decor value.

        Offset the current display by the given value. If the condition is meet the tile is a shade of green. (currently 0 is red)

    Oxygen Overlay:

        The value given is a pressure.

        If a tile meets the condition brighten it by x%, if not darken it by x%.

For the Oxygen and Temperature Overlay an extension of the possible conditions to a range (a <, <= x <, <= b) might be useful. (for temperature more than pressure/oxygen).


Why would this be useful?

Currently the Overlays present an rough overview of the map, but fail to show precise information for certain situations. When searching a place to grow Bristle Blossom I want a temperature below 21°C. When deciding where to pump oxygen, 50g is barley different from 350g. Similarly, if my dupes expect a decor value of 40, then an overlay centered around 0 decor is not that useful. And while the current overlay differentiates between the current maximum expectation of 75 decor or more and values smaller, it's still hard to see. Which conflicts with the job of an overlay: Make information easy to access.

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