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Help building base

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So I now start planning my base while building from day 1..

I find that proper organisation helps me survive longer and a nice looking base makes the game much more enjoyable for me.

the problem I have is that I see the turf people use in there giant bases and I feel a bit overwhelmed!

So how do you guys plan your bases to make them expand and look good? Any advice about planting turfs or when to start?

I also have a problem planting the bird cage and drying racks because there always ugly and in the way, any tips to make them look less ugly would be cool to..

I like my base to be spread apart to make it look like i'm properly expanding and I always start my bases the same as this picture (  https://imgur.com/a/r8PUZ  )

I always start off like that in every single game, nice and spread but soon get overwhelmed later on in the game.

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It's always nice to find a spot that will fit a few different "rooms." If you start to lose track or get disorganized, a wall can really help out, or just spacing things out more. Everything can be broken down if you don't like where it is later, so always have your hammer handy.

The turf is 100% optional and although you get a bit of a speed boost on some turfs, it's really there as an accessory. I wouldn't worry about it until you are really entrenched in mid-game at least, since you're feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, if you want to do more advanced base-building, like bee/meat/spider/bunny farms, it's best to have those a decent way away from your base, but somewhere you can walk by on a regular basis.

If it will help you out, figure out some rooms ASAP with grass walls for your main area, food farms, regrowing resources like grass and sticks, etc and go from there. Then you've mapped it out and have an idea of where you'd want to put a road and all that.

I hope that helps some.

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