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  1. Yeah i've noticed this too but then I thought they updated it to make it balanced since it still remained at 90 after I dug up the flower.
  2. I'm sorry that I don't have time to look through the forums, just wanted to post all the bugs I personally found here. 1. Logging out after the intro (when you start a new world) will keep the maxamillion in place once you log back in. 2. Alt tabbing while the game is loading will cause it to freeze for a moment then load with the loading screen sounds still playing without stopping. 3. Zooming out fully will cause a weird sound when it's raining. 4. Invisible chair, the smallest one. 5. One of the lights causes the game to crash. 6. Berry buyer sometimes won't buy your berries, fixes when you keep trying. 7. Snakes don't react fast enough compared to SW, you can get 2 free hits before they even fight you. I hope this will help, thanks. The game is great so far!