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  1. A little Don't Starve/Rick and Morty mash up XD Herp derp.
  2. Thanks a lot! I've been playing DS for years now but never really got in here. I think it's time to fix that. ^.^ Gotta chill with all the cool DS players. <3
  3. So I'm not good at drawing, but I really love the style of DS and I do enjoy making art a lot. To start I thought I'd just do some freehand drawings using the regular character stills as a reference and then try my hand at some original poses. I think these turned out pretty well, and I love how Wilson looks so grumpy all the time so gave him a line for his expression. I'd have the same look on my face if people kept me from sleeping for a long time.
  4. I tried using liquid plumbing bridges in multiple set ups and although the machines (attempted with two water filtration machines and one bio distiller) do not show any problem indicators, they will not pump if a bridge is used. Their status just shows "not pumping" but there are no other issues. Filtration material has been delivered, there is an output, everything is powered, etc. Once I delete the original pathway with the bridge and redo it with no bridges, it works. I also could not 100% deconstruct the bridges. Even after they were deconstructed, their input/output icons would still show up on the liquid plumbing map.
  5. I have experienced time glitches in SW where when I enter or leave the volcano the time of day will be different than when I started. I'm not talking about a few time slivers. I assumed that a few time slivers were supposed to be taken out. Like 2 or 3. What happens is it will be day time, but upon entering or leaving the volcano, where I end up will be solid night even though the day meter shows it is day time. Waiting for the next time chunk (day, evening, night) does not fix the visual issue, though the music cues to signal the difference. My world is not linked to RoG and has all default settings. I've seen this watching console players as well, including previously mentioned issues with jumping seasons without warning (being in summer on day 46 with default settings).