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Did interrupted sleep change?

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So one of my dupes used the outhouse during the night, and got a "tired" debuff, so the dupe took a nap even after waking time, and now the dupe is okay.

I seem to recall that previously dupes would almost always get an "interrupted sleep" debuff, did that change?

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I have noticed that dupes will sleep until they regain 100% stamina. They will also go to their bed and sleep if they're stamina reaches 0 regardless of what time it is - unless they're narcoleptic ( haven't had one to study yet ), so I don't know about this case.

I've had them hit the sack early, sleep in, etc. I hope they keep it this way, my dupes are always getting up in the middle of the night, and I don't mind if they sleep in - having them go around with negative buffs all day is tricky to deal with, especially when they're systematically waking up in the middle of the night.

I you want to play around with this, just Red Alert your base in the middle of the night, or have one move around half the night and watch them as they're stamina recovers towards morning hours.

It doesn't take all night for it to recover.

In this photo, Nisbet hit the sack early when her stamina reached 0 - I don't know what she was doing all day, but it happened. I didn't think to screenshot the info panel, but this is what's going on.


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