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  1. I have the same issue so this has been around for awhile. :/ And I'm on the Live branch. and I had them set to Forever and can't turn that off now.
  2. I see this happen too and when I empty the Grill container I usually find something rotten and that fixed the issue for me.
  3. I didn't try a reload of the game to see if that would fix the issue, until the new update went live and the issue was corrected. Not sure if the reload fixed it or something else, but it went away.,
  4. I noticed a mushroom that wasn't getting fertilized and after watching for a minute I could see it was being fertilized often but acts as if it's not being fertilized. Unable to Fertilize Mushroom.sav
  5. Oh well. I may have accidentally discovered a different bug. I never dealt with hypothermia before.
  6. I did some more research on this by looking at my saved games and found that the degradation of the cooking skill starts before I take the new dupe. I'm adding three more saved games. The last one where my three cooks have their skills (cycle 158), then in the cycle 159 game one of them loses cooking skills. then in cycle 160 two of them have lost cooking skills. One is -1. The Hardy Dreamland Cycle 158.sav The Hardy Dreamland Cycle 159.sav The Hardy Dreamland Cycle 160.sav
  7. After taking a new dupe, I went to eliminate the cooking skill from him (Burt) and noticed that all but one of my other dupes had their cooking skill revert to 0. I didn't look at other skills that may have changed but this is the only one that looked different at a glance. Cooking Skills intact.sav cooking skills gone.sav
  8. I've noticed this as well. It seems after a new seed it planted it defaults back to Auto Harvest = off.
  9. Maybe mouse battery is dying but I've only noticed this one issue. When trying to dig an area, I go to highlight the area with a left click and drag of the mouse but this gets interrupted often and I have to redo the highlight.
  10. I was about to post this but searched first and sure enough others have the same issue. One difference for me though is I only have one food station ( I have two but one hasn't had power for 100+cycles) so the ingredients shouldn't be split between two food stations. I've had it happening more lately. I have to completely delete and re-queue or make something else and go back to pepper bread, which amounts to the same thing. I think the issue has got worse as game cycles on. Colony is in high 500's now. Edit: Missed part for steps to reproduce. It's very possible something rotten caused my issues. I've had rotten things be dropped from the cooking station.