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How do you get rid of disease?

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Early game the easiest way is to use wash basins, if you have 1 per outhouse then no matter what each dupe will have a tap to use, for this though you do need a water bottler. and make sure the dupes have nothing else to do on the side where the outhouses are otherwise too many dupes will travel by and use the wash basins.

Later on Wash basins can still be used but so can hand sanitizers. Showers also rid dupes of external germs, you can also use Chlorine gas to naturally kills germs off over time, but this is only useful for small amounts of germs or large amounts if you are killing germs on objects.

To cure a dupe of an illness you can either wait it out, which can be messy in the case of food poisoning and deadly in the case of slimelung, the best way to help cure a dupe is to have a medical cot, which has a outhouse/lavatory nearby, as well as well as a fridge or container of food, set the container to have a little amount stored in it as you do not want to have food rot. also make sure there is a wash basin so that your dupes wash their hands to stop the spread. A dupe will come and take care of the sick dupe once per cycle and this speeds up the rate at which the disease passes.

From what i am aware a dupe with 0 immunity will always have 0 immunity you cannot "Train" them like you do with Athletics etc. but there is brains in a jar which can give them traits and you may get lucky and get the one which speeds up immunity recovery.

A dupes immune system will recover naturally over time as long as they have less than X amount of germs in their system, the X is determined by their Immunity skill.


Edit - Temperature can also be used to kill germs, if you click on a germ it will tell you its survival range.

Edit 2 - You can build an ore scrubber which cleans some germs from ores when a dupe walks past carrying them, if a dupe is using the scrubber another dupe will walk past it totally ignoring cleaning the ore, so best to have more than one of these.

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Not a problem if your ever in doubt just ask, be warned though that what I have said is not perfect and their are other ways to do things, Heating up air/liquids/surfaces will also help kill germs and same with cooling, when you click on the germs information it will tell your its survival ranges :)

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i found that using doors to stop access to areas works well, if i know i have lots of germs in some areas i want worked, just send healthy dupes there. rest i barr access to, its available on all doors now, just not mechanical.

it don't remove it, but it helps to stop them from becoming sick from more germs.

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