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Food poisoning and slimelung are hard to distinguish

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I'm colorblind, so maybe it's different for people who are not, but food poisoning and slimelung are a bit difficult to distinguish on the disease overlay. Especially in small concentrations I can barely see a difference between the two and always have to put my mouse on objects to see which disease is on them. I'm not sure but I think slimelung used to be blue on the overlay on the build that was shown on stream a few weeks ago. I'm guessing it was changed because slime is green so the color fits it better, but it's just harder to distinguish now.
This also reminds me of something else, very long ago before the alpha release, on one of the earliest streams, one of the devs mentioned that there might be a colorblind mode in the future with colors that are easier to distinguish.

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I also preferred how slimelung used to look, I think they actually changed it to green because the original colour was harder to see in smaller concentrations since it was purple against the dark background. (Also I am sorry if that was rude of me mentioning the colour)

I definently agree that either implementing a colour blind friendly scheme earlier than later would be really good or at least making it that you can highlight the germ on the legend tab and this highlghts where the germs are present. If they are planning to add more diseases as the game progresses they will really need something to help differentiate them.

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2 hours ago, Michi01 said:

Oh it was actually purple? Thanks for pointing that out

The purple color had different problem - it was hard to distinguish from non-infected regions, if the concentration was small. This way you at least see the region is infected. Here's the image I used to complain about it:


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