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Don't Starve Pocket Edition (Android) - Bugs (Mostly to do with resolution)

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I recently broke my Nexus 6p so am currently on a Sony Z1 Compact while its getting repaired. Few bugs I've noticed, 

1) Menu Screen, doesn't scale to the smaller screen. The buttons are all in logical place, but user can only see center of the background image. 

2) Hit Box for Inventory menu to make it pause and pop open looks like its a set number of pixels from bottom of the screen rather then a percentage, if trying to drag an item to plant it for example just over half the screen can not be used. It constantly pops open and is difficult to use. Don't remember having this kind of issue on the higher resolution Nexus 6p.

3) Add an option / or default it - to use a lower resolution. The more interesting thing I found is that even though the Sony Z1 is lower spec then the Nexus, the Z1 Compact runs much smoother. I get horrendous slower down and choppy framerate on the Nexus, when running through a forest for example. I'm putting it down to the Nexus 6p having a 1440p screen, where as the compacts resolution is 720p. ... On screen sizes this small it's almost impossible to see the difference. I'm not that surprised by this, as Don't Starve generally doesn't handle higher resolutions very well, for example my GTX 1080 struggles to hold 45fps at 4K on DST.


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