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  1. Next update?

    Also my phone broke, we need support for tablets...
  2. Everytime when loading a game as maxwell or starting one as willow on android something like this pops up
  3. i found the placeholder ship thing so most likely...
  4. Actually, go to settings and change HUD Size, it helps.
  5. Next update?

    Also pls add support for a samsung galaxy tab A because playing on a cracked LGX power isnt exactly "nice"
  6. My friend plays on an ios device and he can disable health from going down, disable sanity from going down, and disable hunger. He also spawns at a statue that ressurects him each time he dies. When will we get this on android?
  7. I play on an LGX Power android version 6.0.1 and sometimes when i drop an item with no inventory space the games inventory bar, crafting bar, the attack & pickup buttons map button and pause menu buttons dont work and when i try to tap items to pickup and stuff it doesnt work