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DST Oasis Tumbleweed help

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Hi guys im quite new to DST having mostly played vanilla and reign of giants.I have always loved desert camps in reign of giants. After researching many things and good locations to set camp i have decided on the oasis. However after playing for a few days i have found zero tumbleweeds. At first i thought it might be a glitch so i restarted but still none. Are tumbleweeds only exclusive to the dragonfly desert or am i doing something wrong? Thanks!

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Yes, tumbleweeds are exclusive to the other desert, the only advantage on the oasis one its that on summer it get the sand storms neglecting the Wildfires, also the pound allowing fishing for trinkets and fish obviously.

Depending on your preferences you might build your base near the bee queen or the dragonfly desert (as i find usefull to cheese any of these bosses for their drops) being close enought you can build a rabbit farm and use it for the boss fight, then camp on oasis in summer season or go to caves (that's me).

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