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Gal Searching For Experienced Players

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Most "player searching for player" topics in this section are archived  so I am making a new thread. If you are like me and have a good amount of knowledge, at least enough to try for Platinum and can survive, I am interested in paring up. I'm currently on day 900 and although I have a huge megabase/zoo I have yet to kill some boses, guardian, find new unlocked area. I have played 90% solo because it's hard to find other players who aren't trolls. I'm willing to help out anyone I can with their tasks in return. Although I have vast extensive knowledge with the game I have never killed Guardian in DST, or Dragonfly and Toadstool so I would need help with the strategy and the hand of others. If anyone is interested you can add me to psn Azure__Soul.   psn chat does not always work wit my  with my NAT type. However in game seems to work fine.

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On 8/26/2017 at 11:39 AM, Percolator12 said:

Got to be suuuuuper prepared for toadstool, I'm in though, Iv done it a few times, 100% trophys. Percolator12,  add me 

Okay, I will add you. If you can guide me on what I need to prepare and the kill plan I can try my best. I still haven't found him though.

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