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Gas Permeable Tiles Letting Water Through?

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I've been having some trouble with replacing tiles recently. I don't think this is a bug as much as just me doing something wrong, but I'll report it as a bug if that's the case instead.

I made a small pool (water is from a geyser) to grow reed fibers in, and I decided to try and replace the normal tile I had with gas-permeable tiles. I think my initial thought was that this would let carbon dioxide sink more easily, and oxygen rise.

Or something.

However, There are leaks in some of the gas-permeable tiles, letting water drip to the area below. Did I do something wrong by replacing the tiles? Or did I cause a bug?


The bottom right tile of the pool is the one currently dripping water. The one normal tile in between the two queued gas-permeable tiles was the first offender, but I replaced it with a normal tile to try and fix the problem. Clearly, this wasn't a one-and-done situation...


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6 hours ago, Masterpintsman said:

It feels like a bug to me.

As a workaround: Save&load the game and the fluid should get pushed out of the gas permeable tiles, reinstating their normal hydrophobic behaviour.

I did save and reload. The water is pushed out, but more water enters the tile. I'll submit it as a bug, thanks!

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This interaction (liquids leaking at junction) between normal and air tiles was in the game since alpha. No idea whether that's intended, but if you commit to single type, there won't be any leaks (pressure permitting in case of normal tiles).

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