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about cooking useless

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Guys, maybe the crock pot recipes are for sanity, so when you eat them they boost your sanity.(The food is more civilized than eating pounds of raw morsels.) ;-)

Only, cooked green mushrooms work fine for sanity. There's Taffy, and Pumpkin Cookies, of course. I personally view Crock-pot as a short-term answer to dealing with excess stored ingredients; mainly because it's time consuming to pick out all the ingredients for every single item I want cooked, were I to want to spam stacks of something. When I need hunger, there's stuffing a ton of monster jerky into a caged bird for eggs to cook, and when I need health there's glands, salve, butterfly wings and jerky.Were I to complain about anything, it's simply that the interface for cooking is awkward. It might not be realistic to be able to cue multiple items to cook, but it'd certainly make the Crock Pot something I'd use more frequently--either that, or shorten cooking times for items to make it less wasteful to sit around micromanaging what I'm fixing. It's just not worth it to waste half a day putting together enough fish sticks and pierogi to stockpile for winter.
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If I'm honest, I rarely care about the efficiency. I just throw everything in and hope I get something that gives more hunger and health that before I put it in!This is most likely why I cannot survive on any character weaker than Wolfgang.

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There are recipes that can double, even triple the hunger value of the ingredients put in while also healing well and lasting as long as jerky. Crock pot is far from useless. Mid game I don't eat anything that doesn't come out of a crock pot, it's just wasteful when I get one meal out of something that could have been 3 meals.

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and don't forget that food is not only about hunger, health and sanity. using the crock pot makes almost turning food good again. you can increase the spoilage duration a second time through the crockpot. thats nothing to sneeze at in certain situations.

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