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Code for custom item change abilities

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Well hello i'm tryin to make a custom weapon but i need little help with a code it's little comlicated and i'm not sure that i can explain it.


Well the first thing i want to do is a changeable weapon i mean it's start with  something like a rod and it has no abilies it can't do anything it has no damage just a rod and when the character lvl up (i have code fot this) the rod can change shape (i mean texture,i have textures for all of them) and it become tools ( actually you can switch on or off with hotkeys) it can be axe, pickaxe, shovel, hammer, pitch fork (hotkeys: ctrl+1 for axe, ctrl+2 for pickaxe, ctrl+3 for shovel, ctrl+4 for hammer, ctrl+5 for pitch fork)


I don't know how it seems to you but i think it's compicated. Thanks for helping

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18 hours ago, Lumina said:

Yeah, it's complicated. Maybe you could look at this mod :


As far as i remember, the character have weapon evolving, you could maybe see how it works and see if it's like what you want to do.

Well it's little bit different than i want. It changes texture depending on level. I want to change it based on hotkeys.

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