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Hello everybody,

I'm certainly not the first Dupelord nor the last one who will comment on the current state of the decor system, saying that it really does not fit with setting of the game. I realize that you guys are working on the system as I write and that you too loathe the thought of endless hallways displaying THAT FACE over and over.

Rather than wishing for more variety when it comes to decor items or a system that encourages differentiation in placement, I would suggest a whole new approach to the system. Decor value should not be achieved with art. Although it is on of the first ideas that comes to mind, in my oppinion it just does not fit within the whole "asteroid-fight-for-survival-piss-and-slime-everywhere"-setting.

I would suggest an "ad hoc"-decor system. Something improvised. Something that the Dupelord does not control directly and therefore grows organically with the base. As soon as an "Artist" has spare time he/she could:

- carve patterns on the backdrop

- color some surfaces

- put a few doodads and dadoods on mess tables

- add a few little light spots/LED's to beds

- clean and polish some machinery

- create little random posters and notes in hallways

- etc.

This would make the whole process a lot more organic, would give character to the "artist", would fit better with the setting and would be interesting to watch.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward what you have planned for this, sadly at the current state flawed, system.

Best regards


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Backgrounds would be good depending on what materials are on the floor walls and ceilings. Wall decor in general should be background like pipe and wires are.

Machinery being polished/coated/enhanced with a nice 50s/60s teal color would also be great.

Mopping can be good for also cleaning floors when someone doesn't have an accident. Make everything shine!


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