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Only Host's connection is bad?

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So I recently my friend got this game but whenever he hosts when I press tab it shows that he has a constantly "BAD" connection while everyone else has a "GOOD" connection. Also even tough it show our connection is GOOD we lag to the point of unplayabillity. Then when he joins any other server he lags super badly. From what I know he has pretty great internet and he uses a Toshiba laptop. He is planning on just refunding the game by tomorrow so any help will be greatly thanked.

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That is probably the computer it has nothing to do with the game or the internet, I know cause I had the same exact problem with my old desktop PC. I know I'm probably too late but what fixed the problem for me was playing the game on a different computer, how many cores does his computer have? the on I has used was a dual core and i had to click a million times just to navigate the start screen and in game I couldn't move at all.

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