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Gas Pump pipe blocked

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I created a small gas pumping system to remove Co2 but when i finished i got the "pipe blocked" message and i don't know what to do cause everything seems fine, i searched on Google and found a lot of similar topics but none of them seems to help.  Both the pump and the gas filter are connected to power.

OxygenNotIncluded 2017-07-27 21-52-35-588.jpg

OxygenNotIncluded 2017-07-27 21-56-11-094.jpg

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What they're trying to say is that the output of the gas pump (the green square) should be connected to the input of the gas filter (the white square). In your picture, you have the output of the gas pump connected to the output of the gas filter. Try rotating the gas filter 180°.

4 hours ago, BlueLance said:

you do not need to connect a pipe and vent to it either it can vent without them

I just tested this in debug mode, and it's definitely not true. The filter won't output anything without a vent or other valid destination.

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3 hours ago, BlueLance said:

Maybe it worked at one point then? Because i swear It used to work for me before...and then i finally found out you can attach a pipe to the selected output. 

But goodness knows you have me doubting myself now XD

Nah it's always needed an output - if you set the filter (orange) to something random, like gold for example, it'll function as a bridge or pipe - and just let everything through the green output. Because it can be powered, it's a nice way to toggle gas flow with switches :) 

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