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  1. When i dragged the line cross transformer and then it unknown reason show 5kW consumes and broke my power line. Euthopia - 134.sav
  2. I tried to build the memory toggle and game crashed after after deconstruct
  3. Maybe some water dropped on it. Airflow tiles don't show the liquid layer correctly, I recommend you to try to mop that ground first.
  4. Here is my save game. 1) Equipped exosuit 2) Two Dupes go to another checkpoint and crash! Space Oil Researcher Cycle 42.sav
  5. This problem seem like older version before OU. It can't assignment correctly and drop suit after equip for a while.
  6. When dupe equipped Exosuit, the O2 Inhale rate has changed from 200 g/s to 100 g/s and level of dupe. Blue bar of oxygen in suit attached every dupe who doesn't take it.
  7. I observed this bug many times. When build adjacent mechanized airlock like this, gas will disappear forever.
  8. I think because gas concentration in pipe. if it doesn't have anything in gas pipe, Thermo regulators are shuted down by themself.
  9. Sorry for wrong grammar in topic i can't edit it too.
  10. After i planted sleet wheat grain, i want to store in storage compactor but it stored in ration box instant and then i realized that it can't manage it in that box!.
  11. sAlgae Terrarium can be absorbed water from surround building so that i used liquid vent to watering it. After a hundred cycle i relocated them by deconstructing, massive water in gallon shape dropped into ground. I don't know how to move it so that i clicked and used empty building.Then, 20 Ton of water came out and destroy my base!!.