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A list of unoriginal desired items.

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Many of these are probably already suggested but I haven't seen them, so I will include them.

  • Insulated doors.
  • Proximity switches or touch plates.
  • timer switches (rezecib mentioned it in another thread).
  • fauna traps.
  • gas sensor switches (like CO detectors).
  • ponytail hairstyle for dupes and dupettes.
  • palette customization for hair/skin-tone on dupe creation.
  • power triggered flow diverter for gasses and liquids. (Right now I use filters for this function but it seems clunky)
  • powered conveyors for autonomous transport of solids.
  • a dupe with a Snidely Whiplash mustache. ( not really )

If my demands are not met, I will not be held responsible for what happens to Meep.


  • Since unpowered doors are also getting access controls, I would like to see powered doors be configurable to be open/locked in powered/unpowered states
  • This might be a little too involved, but I'd like to see a binary/or switch (maybe 2 wiring in and 2 wiring out. One of the wiring inputs powers the outputs, the other signals which output is powered.
  • Atmo and hydro switches have a max and min threshold sliders like massage tables. (Basically: Don't activate until this value but once activated, stay activated until this second value.) (I actually came up with a scheme to do this, but it is super duper klugy that takes 3 pumps and 3 switches.)
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For switches, I juest put two on one wire loop. One for above, one for below.

I would love a fancy mustache for a dupe. Not particulary for a dupette.

Logic gates werediscussed uncountable times before. There are still none of those. It sucks. I would also like a little red light, that would use like 1 watt of energy and illuminate nothing - just a control.

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2 hours ago, Vincie said:

For switches, I juest put two on one wire loop. One for above, one for below.

Sorry, I was not very clear.

Massage tables have sliders where a dupe will not begin a massage until they reach a stress threshold  (default 50). Once they begin a massage they will continue unless interrupted until they reach the min threshold (default 0).

I would like something like that for switches. For example, I have a polluted water tank that I want to contain a certain quantity before I begin pumping out of.  But once I begin pumping I want until the tank is empty. Not pump in intermittent fashion at around the trigger threshold.

Now, I have a solution to this by use of 2 addition control pumps and switches that I have not yet implemented. I just have a schematic I plotted out in an unreachable area and screenshotted it.

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