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Lag + Frog Rain = Fun

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(Keep in mind, I am still slightly new to the game, gameplay wise, BUT I did do research and I now a crap-ton about DST)


It was around Day 47, I was Webber, and I was basing with Wigfrid. We based at spawn (The portal is literally IN our base). I was spider farming at the nearby spider nests while Wigfrid was doing.... something at the base (I knew she was at the base because I saw the pop-up on my hud, however I couldn't see what she was doing). In the middle of me standing in the middle of a Scene from "Captain America: Civil War [Arachnid addition] Spider farming, It starts to rain, so I just equip my umbrella and forget about the rain. I continue spider farming, and I suddenly see a frog appear 2 feet in front of me, attacking me. Base/Spawn was nowhere near ponds, so I was confused. I killed it, and went back to spider farming. When I was patching myself up with glands, I realized that I have angered the Pepe God about 15 frogs were heading straight for me. It was at that moment, that I realized that this was Frog Rain.

   I tell Wigfrid in chat to run away from the base, and she did. I was running away when my horrible internet commits suicide briefly turns off for about 10 seconds and turns back on again, you know, because that's how horrible internet works, I guess.

   When my internet comes back, 20 frogs are surrounding me, 20 tongues are extended, and I am near death. I died 5 seconds later.

Crappy Internet + Frog Rain = Death

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Frog rain is the worst when you first encounter it.  I was playing with my brother and it started raining.  I had prepared for it during Winter so I just got my umbrella, straw hat, and went about my day for a few seconds.  Then frogs appeared out of nowhere while I was far from a pond.  I got confused, but thought it was a bug.  Then 20 started coming and went into attack mode.  Luckily I got away, but man was it intense.

Now I make a lot of rabbit traps for Spring in hopes of frog rain.  I don't run from it, I anticipate it!

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