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Why can certain mobs be stunned and not others ?

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I have noticed certain mobs would keep getting stunned even from small hits (eg. regular spiders) while some others would not (spider warriors). When fighting a pig with a spear there is a stun effect preventing him from retaliating, even if I increase his HP. I would like to remove this effect.

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Thanks ! :)

For anyone wondering:

EventHandler("attacked", function(inst)
        if not inst.components.health:IsDead() then
            if inst:HasTag("spider_warrior") or inst:HasTag("spider_spitter") then
                if not inst.sg:HasStateTag("attack") then -- don't interrupt attack or exit shield
                    inst.sg:GoToState("hit") -- can still attack
            elseif not inst.sg:HasStateTag("shield") then
                inst.sg:GoToState("hit_stunlock")  -- can't attack during hit reaction


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