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  1. Can you please detail how Simplex's method works ? I have tried what he says and the file still doesn't get overwritten. I have put a temp_override/map/forest_map.lua file in my mod directory and added this exact line at the end of my worldgenmain.lua: GLOBAL.package.path = ("%stemp_override/?.lua;"):format(MODROOT) .. GLOBAL.package.path Printing it shows: GLOBAL.package.path = ../mods/workshop-1073203411/temp_override/?.lua;../mods/workshop-1073203411\scripts\?.lua;scripts\?.lua;scriptlibs\?.lua;scripts/?.lua It seems to be the correct path yet the size changes I have done don't apply.
  2. Thanks, but I think this option increases the number of rooms not directly the size of them. The option I'm looking for is the "Huge" number of tiles in forest_map.lua: sizes = { ["tiny"] = 1, ["small"] = 350, ["medium"] = 400, ["default"] = 425, -- default == large, at the moment... ["large"] = 425, ["huge"] = 450, -- example: change this to 800 } I know this is the good one because I have already tested it and it truly makes the map gigantic. However, I can only change forest_map.lua in the original game file, not through a mod.
  3. Hello, I'd like to override forest_map.lua to increase map size. So, I have put an other forest_map.lua in my mod folder. But it doesn't work, the game still uses the original one. (I have added print statements in the "Generate" function, in the original game file and mine, and I see only the print from the original file) Looking at some previous topics about this I think this file can not be overwritten like that, but it still seems possible. For example there is an answer given in this post: but I didn't manage to make it work. I have put my forest_map.lua in temp_override/map/ and this line in my worldgenmain.lua, and it still doesn't change anything. But maybe there's something else to do ? Does anyone knows if it is possible ?
  4. Hello, I have a mod modifying world gen and I would like to show a text box warning on screen if the user forgot to select the preset I've added. It must be very visible for the user (if possible, force him to click "OK") but not crash the game. If possible the mod message would appear before the game starts. Is there a way to do this ?
  5. Thanks a lot, this is a very comprehensive answer ! I will let you know if i manage to do something.
  6. Not in the archive but in the original mod yes (and the problem persists)
  7. I have replaced FAKE_GROUND by SAVANNA in the original game files (3 relevant occurences). The result is that there's a bridge of Savanna leading to Atrium but there are still a lot of invisible tiles in both biomes. I think your explanation is right but there is probably an other problem. Atrium: (notice the savanna bridge) Labyrinth:
  8. This makes sense but that means the Atrium Maze should end disconnected right ? If so how can it be accessed once the fake_ground bridge gets deleted ? Sorry what does c-side means ?
  9. Yes sorry. Something as simple as: worldgenmain.lua: local require = GLOBAL.require require("map/lockandkey") require("map/tasks") require("map/rooms") require("map/terrain") require("map/level") local function LevelPreInit(level) if level.location ~= "forest" then return end table.insert(level.tasks, "TheLabyrinth") table.insert(level.tasks, "AtriumMaze") table.insert(level.tasks, "Residential") -- added this to show that only the 2 other ruins bug end AddLevelPreInitAny(LevelPreInit) Here is a full working archive that produces the bug: test_invisible.rar
  10. Hello, I have created a custom taskset with "TheLabyrinth" and "AtriumMaze" that I use on surface (a custom forest level). Every cave/ruin biome works fine, except these two. For some reason, they add these "invisible" tiles to the world: The tiles look like impassable (water) but they have borders and it is possible to walk on them. In the case of AtriumMaze (on this screen), the invisible tiles are always on the bridge connecting the maze to the rest of the world. The Atrium biome itself is fine. In the case of TheLabyrinth however, the whole background of the biome is made of these tiles so you can just ignore the labyrinth paths by walking on apparent water. Do you have any idea of what can cause it ? I saw a FAKE_GROUND terrain in the ruins files but modifying it with addRoomPreInit doesn't work.
  11. I have 2 mods. - Mod 1 adds a prefab, - Mod 2 adds new rooms. I'd like to make the mod2 detect if the mod1 is enabled and use different rooms in that case. Something like: if GLOBAL.Prefabs["mod1_prefab"] then print("Mod 1 detected !") modimport("scripts/map/rooms/mod2_rooms") else modimport("scripts/map/rooms/normal_rooms") end
  12. For the example you mentioned it is not incompatible with pausing the game, as long as the new spoilage level is computed when the player comes back near the object. There is no need to refresh it before and the new spoilage is just the time elapsed since the player left. Of course that doesn't mean it is possible for every object in the game but I believe for this example (the spoilage) simulation might be paused. Let me give more details. I have changed the storygen.lua file to remove the locks/key system and create custom shapes. I have also changed the number of tasks that the game will try to place, it is exactly 60. The problem is that since it is a huge number, the game doesn't easily manage to place 60 tasks when generating the world and restarts many times (until it finds an arrangement. This mechanism is present in the original code.) So in my case, I am looking for an option to increase the size of the world map. Not the biomes but the "square" where they are placed. "Huge" seems to increase this size, but it doesn't make the generation better, so I am wondering whether it does something else.
  13. I have created a mod adding about 60 biomes to the world generation. With the default size "Large" this results in a very long map generation process. I think it is because it restarts many times until being able to give a sufficient size for all biomes. So I would like to give the game a bigger map to make more room for the biomes. I tried using the "Huge" size. But it doesn't change anything, in fact it seems to take even more time. I am wondering if this option doesn't actually make the biomes bigger instead of the map (which would make things even worse). So what does this option do ? Also a somewhat related question: the game size that "huge maps require powerful servers". Is that really true ? It seems to me that off-screen regions are "paused" and so the world size shouldn't matter.
  14. Thanks ! For anyone wondering: EventHandler("attacked", function(inst) if not then if inst:HasTag("spider_warrior") or inst:HasTag("spider_spitter") then if not"attack") then -- don't interrupt attack or exit shield"hit") -- can still attack end elseif not"shield") then"hit_stunlock") -- can't attack during hit reaction end end end),