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Drip cooling liquid valve setting?

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So I'm tinkering with setting up a drip cooling system with cold clean water as the liquid of choice. Not wanting to overtax my water supply (or rather: my cold water supply) I will probably employ a valve to limit the water flow.


Anyone have suggestions for a good setting? Allowing enough water to cool but not more than is needed?

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If you're cooling gold amalgam machines in abyssalite casing, you can use even geyser water (as long as it is not steam).

But it's better to use polluted water - it absorbs more heat and you can easily get cool polluted water from slime distillers and air scrubbers.

As for numbers: that depends on water temperature, heat of the machines, isolation and so on. But try low numbers first (20g/s of 50C water can absorb 4kW of heat - enough to cool a natural gas generator) and only increase after it starts to heat up too much.

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