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  1. Thank you all for the responses. My follow-up question would be: what happens if a gas, like steam, reaches a condensation temperature while inside a gas-permeable tile?
  2. So I'm tinkering with setting up a drip cooling system with cold clean water as the liquid of choice. Not wanting to overtax my water supply (or rather: my cold water supply) I will probably employ a valve to limit the water flow. Anyone have suggestions for a good setting? Allowing enough water to cool but not more than is needed?
  3. They are also probably shifting feature lists back and forth. Figuring out what they can fit and finish for this update and what needs to be pushed back. You wouldn't want them to promise, for example, "Dangerous new creatures will test your combat and medical capabilities" only to find that the monsters got pushed back an update at the last minute. Better to under-promise and over-deliver.
  4. Is mesh better than gas-permeable in this case? Is there an advantage to mesh even though liquids aren't in use here?
  5. On any building that requires materials to be delivered, set a slider on how low its stock of materials will get before it generates delivery tasks to be refilled. Once the threshold is met, dupes will attempt to refill it to Max. On buildings with different types of materials if any one material falls below Max it would try to refill just that one material type. Thoughts?
  6. Agreed with all of these. In addition. Let us configure the priorities of all the different tasks associated with a building. Like for the microbe musher, set a priority for operating the building and a different one for delivering materials.
  7. Since the gas output is static at 60℃ could you in theory pipe in Un-cooled geyser water for a free temp reduction. And for some reason I thought the output temp was equal to the electrolizer temp. Was that a bug?
  8. What about a coal generator in a sealed room(save for an airlock for dupes to refill the generator) wouldn't the c02 pressure build up enough to make Weezeworts in the room more effective? Enough to counter the heat put out by the generator?
  9. Cycle 1: 2 outhouses, 3 beds. Gather long hanging fruit. Cycle 2: hamster wheel, small battery, dexoydizer research station. Start work on farming. Cycle 3: Another bedroom, explore further pockets. Break walls to condense fresh water pools into giant pool. Cycle 4: microbe musher, start on battery tech, dig C02 pit, plant initial crop of mealwood Cycle 5: Computer room, storage and battery room, research decor. My end goal is to stabilize by cycle 20 and then go exploring, so my initial build doesn't depend on items from other biomes, at least not at first.
  10. I always do x2 outhouses too. Pooping happens faster and if one is getting cleaned out there is still another available for use.
  11. Right now, the advanced meal cooker's recipes are a bit disappointing save for a few. What if we boosted the effective calories of all the advanced recipes, but in exchange make it harder to use the stove. Rather than just being another electrical object you can just plug into the network, what if you instead had to pipe natural gas to it. So it would be a bigger trade off. More resources and infrastructure needed but for a bigger payoff in effective calories. Thoughts?
  12. Currently the medicine skill is criminally unimportant. In other colony games, lime Rimworld, being without a doctor is painful. Have a feeling that being without at least one high-medicine dupe in a future patch will be equally punishing.
  13. Another tip is to have a storage in a hatch area marked with the materials you want to get rid of and then check off "sweep only" and Mark the materials on the ground you want disposed of. Once cleaned up, uncheck and recheck the materials to make the storage spit out the materials for the hatches. The "Sweep only" box prevents dupes from trying to load the uneaten materials back into the box.
  14. I've seen it happen where they briefly get the food icon over their head. They don't actually wake up, but they have interrupted sleep anyway. Mind you: they aren't starving to death. I have plenty of food available. Yet it seems to happen like clockwork on the 2ND cycle and periodically afterwards.