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Please share your thoughts on how do you see this game after you master it, how to build it to keep people interested and doing something new with the old skill.

My personal opinion is to make the gameplay depending on the map and on the style:

1) Biome specific maps, all cold / all slime / no slime, etc. - logic here is: we have a random generated map, but once you start the game you have to be able to adapt to the map, instead of using the same strategy all the time. What if i did not have sleet wheat ? etc. or  

2) Manually generate maps by players, share them, make a random map TOPs, ranks. Something like top 10 player created maps every month are added to a rotation of bucket of 20 or 30 random generated maps, to motivate players :) Intorduce WC3 style map bulilding and modding.

3) Ability to choose strategy you want to use - Eco friendly colony, poluted colony, high tech colony (For this one we need oil / radioactive biome) - in this case we would pick some parts of the tech tree and leave some out, or use everything, but have a choice.

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