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Found 12 results

  1. Well, now that I've gotten all my video software and technical stuff out of the way, I figured it's about time to share a few of my strategies for DST. As you may have guessed from the title, I'll be showcasing a cheese for Bee Queen. This strategy uses a number of mechanics/exploits, but mostly revolves around burn damage, (not to be confused with fire damage) similar to how fire farms worked in singleplayer (i.e. mobs take damage from being near fire, and not being on fire). Essentially, you want to use a method to clip out of the map (e.g. lureplant, structures, gates/sculptures), burn a bunch of items under Bee Queen, and extinguish them before they turn to ashes. This method utilizes rope's long burn time (fun fact: rope has the highest burn time of any item in the game, tied with boards, lureplants, spider eggs, and plants) to cut through Bee Queen's health. I'm a bit surprised that I couldn't find this method online already. This technique isn't limited to only Bee Queen, but Bee Queen is the only giant you can't reliable kite, so it's most effective against her. Important: In order for this cheese to work, you need to have the Quick Drop client mod enabled, so that you can stack the ropes directly on top of each other and light them all together. If you're on console (PS4), the down button should function the same way. Just be sure to drop them individually, and not in a stack. Burning a stack of items does the same damage as burning a single item. BEE QUEEN CHEESE Stats for Nerds Rope Burn Time = 30 seconds Burn Damage = 5hp per second Max Burn Damage = 120hp per second Rope x24 Potential Burn Damage = 3000hp Bee Queen Health = 22500hp Min Water Balloons = 8 balloons Extra Notes I recommend extinguishing the ropes at ~25 seconds to prevent them from turning to ashes. You should only burn a maximum of 24 items; the maximum damage an entity can take from fire is 120hp per second, and each individual item's burn damage is 5hp per second (5 * 24 = 120). While it is possible to place the ropes close enough to the ocean to light them with a torch, it's much safer to use a fire staff to avoid Bee Queen's stings. Keep in mind, this strategy positions Bee Queen right by the edge of the ocean. This means her drops have a chance of falling in (similar to cheesing the Ancient Guardian). There is a possibility that a Grumble Bee might spawn in the ocean, so you should still carry a weapon on you just in case. If you have some sort of health info mod enabled, you can whittle her health down with fire, use /rescue to get back on land, and drag her away from the ocean.
  2. Most people know that in order to obtain the Shadow Atrium, you must defeat all three Shadow Pieces. Fewer people know that you can craft more than three sculptures to obtain multiple Shadow Atrium (e.g. 1 knight, 1 bishop, 2 rooks = 2 hearts). However, there is no theoretical limit to how many Shadow Atriums you can obtain in a single fight. For those of you who have seen my Day 17 - Ancient Fuelweaver Speedrun, you may know that the Shadow Pieces have a nifty mechanic that allows them to spawn other Shadow Pieces from chess sculptures. This same mechanic can be used to create an endless loop of Shadow Pieces, allowing you to obtain as many Shadow Atriums as you want. The most popular way of defeating the Shadow Pieces is Knight lvl 1 → Bishop lvl 2 → Rook lvl 3. However, along with Shadow Pieces being able to spawn other Shadow Pieces, it also doesn't matter what level they are. A level 3 Shadow Piece will still level up a level 1 or 2 Shadow Piece not of the same type. This means that a level 3 Shadow Piece can used to upgrade a level 1 Shadow Piece and reset the level up cycle, allowing you to kill a theoretical infinite number of level 3 Shadow Pieces. It's really a test of endurance. The longer you fight, the better your rewards. In the spoiler below, you'll find that I've attached a helpful chart. Below that, you'll find a video demo of how it works. I used Wolfgang in the video to speed the fight up, but this strategy works with any character. (Wolfgang's speed bonus is not needed. Again, you only need at minimum a walking cane and road to dodge a level 3 Rook's attack.) INFINITE SHADOW PIECES You don't have to follow the order exactly. In fact, you can use any order you like, as long as you're sculpting the other two chess pieces when one of them turns level 3. I just found this sequence to be the most practical. The level 3 Knight is a knightmare to deal with, so you should just avoid it. Even the level 2 Knight is a pain to deal with, which is why it's important that you kill the level 1 Knight after spawning extra sculptures before killing the level 3 Shadow Piece. The fight isn't too different from a normal Shadow Pieces fight; you just have to find time to craft additional sculptures. It is essential to have at least a walking cane and road to dodge the level 3 Rook's attack. Although not mandatory, the bone armor will mitigate all of the Shadow Bishop's damage, and give you extra insurance against other attacks. I highly recommend bringing one. In the video, I crafted the sculptures immediately after a Shadow Piece turned level 3. While it is completely fine to do this, you only have to craft the sculptures before the level 3 Shadow Piece dies. This allows you to avoid the level 2 Bishop's attacks completely when fighting the level 3 Rook; just be careful not to kill it before crafting sculptures. What's nice about this strategy is that the chess sculptures drop the cut stone upon spawning, so you can pick them up to rebuild the sculptures, given that you have rocks in your inventory. The Shadow Pieces are also constantly dropping nightmare fuel, along with dark swords and night armor, so you can also stock up on weapons, and never run out of fuel for your bone armor throughout the fight. Another peculiar but helpful aspect of the fight is that when a Shadow Piece attempts to spawn another Shadow piece via a sculpture, the sculpture will drop to the ground to attempt to spawn, so there's less hassle in spawning more Shadow Pieces.
  3. Hey, I got the idea to start a conversation with ONI players, new and experienced, to which we discuss how we play in our games and his we survive. Tell me how you survive, and with time I'll show how I play. I'll probably edit into the original post.
  4. Link to the episode in question (13, I should have known). (20 min long) Link to the playlist with all 13 episodes if you're crazy bored and have time to kill. So as you'll notice, things start to happen around the halfway point. What do you think my next priorities should be? Meat effigy? New clothing? Do you think it's safe to get my stuff back?Thanks for checking it out, post any and all feedback in this thread!
  5. I decided to use the oft mentioned but rarely applied forum search feature to create a compilation of previous threads dedicated to various strategies and tips in the game. Hopefully this can be a resource for both new and veteran players. I will try to add to this as new threads are posted. And don't forget to check the wiki. Newbie Threads Ask a pro: Share a tip: Random tip thread: Early game guide: Short guide: Start-up guide: Strategy discussion:! General tips: Chester facts:! Rule guide: Comprehensive Guides Miaou's Ultimate Guide to Don't Starve: Survival guide: Spider-free, fully explored world in 40 days: Guide to creating a self sustaining settlement: Character guide: Food Crockpot simulator, recipe/food list: Crockpot recipes:! Hunger guide: Easy rabbits: General tips: Exploration Scouting a base: Night safety: Travelling across swamps:!-Surrounded-by-swamp Escape device: Winter Surviving on monster meat: Adventure Mode On-the-go guide: Levels 1-5:! Bases Spider farming: Living with pigs: Tree farm: Combat Spider queens: Treeguards: Basic hunting guide: Spider dens: Hounds: Video Series Rodrigo's video tutorials: Skull's video how-tos: Help Lines Your question not answered in any of these threads? Don't feel like making a new one? Just PM one of these people and they will do their best to answer your question. (Availability not guaranteed) Silvi Sunday - Friday 10:00PM - 6:00AM PST Palpetinus Sunday - Saturday 9:30PM - 8:00AM and 9:00AM-2:00PM PST fear_town Sunday - Saturday 9:00PM - 3:00AM PST Toaster Fu Monday - Saturday 3:00PM - 1:00AM PST helointernet Sunday - Saturday 1:00PM - 11:00PM PST
  6. Map Strategy

    Here is a map tip that might help people have a more stable start to their games. One thing I do is I always start a game with a cartographer run. I only collect enough materials and food to survive and spend most nights running with the torch, following every road. (It appears that when a road ends, it marks the end of the land. An end of the road seems to mark a dead end on the map). If I find points of interest, I will reveal more of that map (beefalo, wormholes, wooden thing, reed swamps, pig towns (especially if there are bush farms), pig king, graveyards, spider biomes, bee biomes, etc). After I am content with what I find, I go to my map, zoom out and screencap. I then promptly kill myself and retry (when you retry it uses the same map) for a serious run. Example of my cartographer run (+ photoshop): This way, I know where everything is, and I can beeline straight for the resources I want first to have a stable base as soon as possible. Fortunately on this map. The graveyard had a wormhole that went fairly close to the Pig King. I was able to dig a ton of graves and then run to the wormhole and cash out for about 2 stacks of gold in one go. also, if you are looking in a position that you might die, quickly open your map, zoom out, and screenshot. If you have photoshop, you can then layer your new map over your old one and erase the fog of war from one or the other to combine both maps.
  7. I don't think there are any structures that are made upon world creation(igloo is generated during winter i think and ice gem too).
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number - Issue title Metal Potato Thingy is in the Ocean... Help! Steps to reproduce Use Hammer on Chest items fly out items fall into ocean. Describe your issue Hi, I had collected all the parts to make the Portal to another world. While I was attempting to free some bag space I accidentally dropped the Metal Potato thingy and it went into the Ocean. I have no way of getting it out, and it doesn't seem to despawn. Does the Map spawn more than one of the ' Metal Potato thingy ' or am I screwed?
  9. I need Don't Starve

    Hey, i was wondering if i could get a beta code for don't starve, i'm really wanting to do a mini advertisement on my youtube channel and a let's play and review. If you would like to get in touch, my Steam username is: Savezombie1, and if that doesn't work, try savezombie11. It would be great if you gave me one!
  10. Hey guys! I just posted a thread in the Video Section, but read in another thread there to feel free to post it here as well! I have started a Don't Starve Guide series on Youtube, and I also stream the game on Twitch Let me know what you think of the guides! I would love feedback! Would just like to drop a link to the thread:!-%28and-a-link-to-my-DS-livestream-w-giveaways%29 Cheers! Shannon <3
  11. Teaser

    If there is anything to squeeze I say squeeze it out! I say lets find any hints what's in the next update, type Don't Starve:Long Live The Queen and begin analyzing. I suck at finding things like flashes though D:
  12. Id like to see everyones ideas. I have been playing this nonstop for the past 3 days but now Im seeing some problems. my advice- make the game get constantly harder, perhaps even enable an in-game leveling system to make your character stronger like an rpg. More like how the binding of isaac does it by floors. allowing for an eventual completion of the game, or if not completion, a minecraft type homebase thing. otherwise the game just gets boring, too easy, and repetitive past day 50.