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How to setup a better Hydrogen Bubbler?

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In Hydrogen Bubbler setup, is it the gas pipe or gas valve that triggers the hydrogen bubbler? I see couple setups with gas valves, and some without. Which setup is more effective? 

My setup seems to cool down only -3~-8C per cycle. How can I improve my setup?

How many thermal regulator do I need?




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First of all, this is not a bubbler. Bubbler is when you pump cold hydrogen to polluted oxygen - that comes with more direct heat exchange which may allow smaller bubbler size (not much smaller as you need enough room for the hydrogen to settle) and all kinds of technical problems with pipes breaking when you do something wrong.

To improve performance of your condenser:

- drop all the valves. They only increase thremal inertia of the machine, they don't help with heat transfer to the hydrogen in the pipe and they decrease area of your radiator as each valve maintains one empty pipe segment. Use just granite pipe in horizontal stripes with the hydrogen entering at the bottom row and exiting from the top row.

- make sure the pipe is full of hydrogen

- make sure your thermal regulators run at full power. Cooling with water or polluted water is fine, or you need two wheezeworts per regulator in hydrogen atmosphere.

- the performance of your condenser then depends on how many regulators you run. If you don't use precooling with wheezeworts, one regulator adds processing of about 150 grams of polluted oxygen per second.


Edit: here's my design with single regulator, it works for hundreds of cycles without a hitch and only needed a few cycles to start up. Its current state has a hydrogen pipe from outside to the vent in the chamber because over time I found out that wheezeworts "eat" gases on save/load cycle and the pressure was decreasing. At full pressure the regulator can run almost 100% of time and the radiator size is sufficient to exchange all the heat the regulator removes from the hydrogen.


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